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Jóvenes atletas de alrededor del mundo, tales como la nicaragüense Candelaria Resano (en la foto) ahora tendrán la oportunidad de representar a sus naciones en el Movimiento Olímpico en el escenario más grande del mundo para atletas menores de 18 años. Foto: ISA / Ben Reed

Surfing also confirmed for Panama 2022 Central American and Caribbean Games The International Surfing Association (ISA) today celebrated the decision to include surfing on the Sports Programme at both the Youth Olympic Games in Dakar 2022 and Central American and Caribbean Games in Panama in 2022. The… Read More »

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Source: Surfer Magazine “Senegal, you may remember from The Endless Summer, has some pretty good surf. In 1964, Bruce Brown and company were bummed that their hotel in Dakar was super expensive: $30 per day. Safe to say, the prices are probably higher today, but… Read More »