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The 2019 ISA Coaching and Instructing Course calendar has kicked off with successful courses run in Nicaragua, Scotland and the Maldives, amongst others. Building upon the success of the ISA Coaching and Instructing Program in 2018, these three ISA courses trained twenty-five new ISA instructors and… Read More »

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The SSF Gathering of the Clans 2016 (Scottish Inter-club Championships) was hosted by the Tiree Surf Club at Balevulin and Balephuil beaches on the 26-28th of September. Competitors from 5 clans from across Scotland were greeted at the fantastic Blackhouse Watersports beach hut with mild… Read More »

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The International Surfing Association (ISA) has welcomed Scotland and Finland as its 95th and 96th Member Federations respectively, further driving the global development of Surfing. Providing access to Surfing for those in new Surfing markets has become a priority for the ISA.  A sport imbued with youthful values and energy, Surfing… Read More »

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Source: Scottish Surfing Federation  Chris Noble – Current Scottish Champion A Scotland team will participate for the first time at the International Surfing Association World Games this October – the 50th anniversary of the games. The last time Scotland participated in surfing at an international… Read More »