VEGEMITE SurfGroms national launch at Snapper Rocks

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Source: Surfing Australia

COOLANGATTA/QLD (16th September, 2014): Australian beaches are preparing for a new onslaught of frothing grommets with VEGEMITE SurfGroms launching into its fourth year.

VEGEMITE SurfGroms offers youngsters aged 5-12 years old an opportunity to learn to surf while developing strong ocean awareness and beach safety skills at a very influential period in their lives, that they will enjoy and embrace for a lifetime.


Lily O’sullivan

Since its launch in October 2011, more than 30,000 Australian children have experienced the thrill of surfing for the first time through VEGEMITE SurfGroms.

Australian beaches are now preparing for another onslaught with registrations open, just in time for the September school holidays.

VEGEMITE SurfGroms programs are available through the Surfing Australia Surf Schools Network with more than 80 delivery centres around the country. Parents can register their children through the websit e – – which will provide contact details for their closest delivery centre.

“VEGEMITE SurfGroms is an incredibly important part of the Surfing Australia sport development pathway,” said Surfing Australia CEO Andrew Stark. “We are extremely proud of this national junior development program and the outcomes to date and we look forward to many thousands of kids Australia wide participating in VEGEMITE SurfGroms this summer.

“Our purpose to create a healthier and happier Australia through experiencing the joy of surfing for life is exemplified perfectly through this program.”

VEGEMITE Senior Brand Manager Justin Taylor said the organisation was proud to continue supporting the program now in its fourth year.

“VEGEMITE, one of the world’s richest known sources of B vitamins, has been powering Aussie kids for over 90 years as Australia’s most loved breakfast spread. We’re de lighted to be supporting SurfGroms again to give more Aussie kids the experience of the thrill of surfing for the first time.”


Lucas Zions

VEGEMITE SurfGroms is also backed by major support sponsors Quiksilver and Roxy, and every child signing up will receive a great Quiksilver or Roxy backpack bursting with surfing merchandise including a rash-vest, sun-hat, Toyota wax comb and a tube of VEGEMITE.

“There is no greater satisfaction than seeing a kid’s face light up on their first wave,” said Quiksilver Marketing Manager Troy Brooks. “Quiksilver and Roxy are proud to now be in our fourth year of partnership with the VEGEMITE SurfGroms program, which teaches kids life lessons of beach awareness and ocean safety in a fun and controlled environment. We can’t wait to see them ripping it up.”

VEGEMITE SurfGroms is proudly supported by VEGEMITE, Quiksilver, Roxy, Wahu, Nikon, Surfing Australia, the Australian Sports Commission and Channel Nine.

Each child registered for VEGEMITE SurfGroms will have the chance to be one of eight lucky VIP guests to the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast in March as part of the Nikon CoolPix competition, which launches in November.

About VEGEMITE SurfGroms

VEGEMITE SurfGroms offers an 8-12 hour surfing program delivered by licensed Surfing Australia Surf Schools and their highly qualified instructors. There will be a significant focus on ocean awareness and beach safety skills, with understanding surf conditions, surf etiquette, first aid, and rescue skills all built into 5 achievement levels of VEGEMITE SurfGroms. But above all, kids will have fun learning the skills that will give them the confidence to become a surfer for life.

Every participant will receive a free Quiksilver or Roxy backpack containing a rash-vest, sun-hat, Toyota wax comb and a tube of VEGEMITE.