Upcoming ISA Courses in the USA

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The ISA’s Educational Programs partner in the United States, Surf Education Academy (SEA), have been busy in recent months training Surf Coaches and Instructors from all over the USA and across the world. Surf Coaches from near and far have come to partake in the ISA courses, including coaches from Australia, Canada, Mexico, Poland, Turkey, China, Costa Rica, Venezuela, and Belgium! All of the Surf Instructors and Coaches that have participated are helping to raise the bar for surfing safety and best practices across the globe.

Not a Surf Coach? That’s ok… ISA Educational Programs are great for surfers, parents, friends or anyone who has an interest in taking someone else surfing; learn to teach surfing the right way!

SEA is pleased to announce the upcoming ISA Educational Programs in the USA:

May 4: ISA/ILS Surf and SUP Instructor Aquatic Rescue and Water Safety Course – San Diego, CA
May 5-6: ISA Surf Level 1- San Diego, CA
June 10-11: ISA Surf Level 1- San Diego, CA
August 24-26: ISA Surf Level 2 – San Diego, CA

Sign up today as space is extremely limited: http://www.surfeducationacademy.com/register/


ISA/ILS Surf and SUP Aquatic Rescue and Water Safety Course now being offered in the USA!

Learn how to identify danger, prevent incidents from taking place before they start, and how to respond in case of water-related emergencies.

All ISA Certified Surf and SUP Coaches and Instructors must obtain a water safety certificate and now the ISA is offering an excellent course to meet this requirement.

This course is also great for anyone who frequents the beach or has loved ones that like to spend time in the ocean, pool or any body of water.

The course is being offered for the first time in the USA on May 4th in San Diego, California.

Register here: http://www.surfeducationacademy.com/register/