Toronto, Canada Receives First ISA Flat Water SUP Course

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This past June 23rd & 24th, Janna Van Hoof, SUPGirlz owner, and Catherine Bruhwiler, ISA Course Presenter and Team Canada SUP Surf Athlete, hosted the first ISA Flat Water SUP Coaching Course in the Toronto, Canada.


15 participants taking part in the first ISA SUP Flat Water Course to be held in Toronto, Canada.

Fifteen participants from all over Ontario, spent two days in Toronto, training to become internationally recognized ISA SUP coaches. The Toronto ISA trainees came in with a diverse background: yoga teachers, water-based business owners and experienced SUP coaches looking to expand their knowledge base. All shared in their love of water sports, the accessibility factor of SUP and the mental health benefits that water therapy and sport can have. Taking part in practical, workshop and on-water training, attendees were thrilled at the intensive and professional SUP training that the ISA offered.

“This really helps me feel confident that I’ll have the skills to be a great SUP coach.” Attendee Lauren Schell said. “It’s a really comprehensive training. I walked away from the two days feeling so excited to get on my lesson planning with this new skill set.”

Activities like in-depth class preparation, on-water skills testing, and coaching methodologies were some of the topics covered.

You can view more ISA SUP Courses on the ISA Website here: https://www.isasurf.org/development-programs/coaching-instructing/course-schedule/


Practical training on Lake Ontario.