Fernando Aguerre Elected Vice President of the Association of IOC Recognized International Sport Federations (ARISF)

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During the SportAccord Convention in St. Petersburg, Russia, ISA President Fernando Aguerre was elected to a position on a key Olympic association that could help surfing’s chances for inclusion in the Games. “My election to Vice President of ARISF is a huge move forward for the higher visibility of surfing in the Olympic Movement,” said President Aguerre. “Being on the Executive Council of ARISF, which is the role I was elected to, brings very high visibility for Surfing and the ISA in the Olympic circles.”

ARISF has 33 member International Federations, all from top sports, most of which are lobbying for inclusion in the Olympic Games. These include Baseball, Karate, Squash, Wakeboarding, Roller Sport, etc.

In Picture: Newly elected ARISF President Raffaele Chiulli and Vice-President Fernando Aguerre.