The Inaugural Asian Surfing Development Symposium 2013 Concludes with Practical Judging Sessions and Observation

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8 July 2013, Kuta-Bali: After three days of classroom training and seminars in Kuta, most of the 30 Asian Surfing Development Symposium 2013 attendees traveled out to beautiful Balangan Beach on Bali’s Bukit Peninsula for two days of practical judging training and observation at the ASC sanctioned 6-star Billabong ProBali, which rounded out this inaugural surfing development program presented by the International Surfing Association and the Asian Surfing Championships over July 1-5th.

Seminar Attendees.

The attendee list included men and women from Thailand, Australia, the Maldives, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and even Uruguay, most of whom enrolled in both the ISA Judging & Officiating Course and the surfing development seminars that were presented by the ISA and the ASC during the 5-day program. As most were surfers with varying levels of prior judging experience, it was a welcome opportunity for them to gain practical experience at a real surfing competition under the direction of ASP Australasian Head Judge and ISA Judging Advisor Glen Elliott, as well as insights on how ASC surfing competitions are organized and run.

ISA Judging Advisor Glen Elliott and Patricia Díaz from Uruguay.

“It was great to be able to put into practice what we had been learning about over the last couple of days so soon,” said Patricia Diaz from Uruguay. “Seeing the complete wave and how it forms and sections is something you can’t see when watching a training video, so this has been an invaluable experience for me,” she added.

Under a tent beside the main contest set up, the judging course participants took turns “shadow” judging the action going down at the Billabong over a two day period, and some of the more advanced and experienced even had a chance to go up into the judging tower and do some real judging with ASC Head Judge Wayan Pica.

Judging Practice at Balangan Beach.

On July 5th, the participants all received their official judging cards from Glen Elliot, who was very pleased being able to take the group to the beach, saying, “ It was great to spend the final two days of the Asian Surfing Development Symposium on the beautiful beach of Balangan with the all-important practical judging sessions at this ASC 6-star competition. All of the judging course participants showed the necessary skills that are required to judge confidently and competently at the necessary standard that qualitysurfing competitions need. These skills are usually acquired over a long time and take a considerate amount of dedication.”

He went on to add, “I am especially pleased with the entire outcome of the inaugural ASDS, as this has the potential to become a integral part of surfing development in all developing nations. I believe we have started something that has the potential to change the foundations of our sport and to showcase several interactive seminars and programs that every country and region needs.”

ISA Judging Advisor Glenn Elliott.

In addition to the ISA Judging and Officiating course, some very important seminars were held that were specifically focused on growing and developing the sport of surfing in Asia, consistent with the ISA and the ASC’s missions. Summer Nelson from the ISA provided both an overview of the ISA’s goals as well as specific and detailed information on forming and nurturing National Governing Bodies forSurfing in developing countries, and included the ISA’s ultimate goal of making surfing an Olympic sport someday.

The participants eagerly received this information and call to action. Luke Landrigan from the Philippines said, “This is a really good thing for Philippine surfing, a great first step towards professionalizing surfing in our country. We’re going to create a Surfing Philippines organization, get ourselves accredited with the ISA, get a computerized judging system, organize the judges that have experience ready, then work on putting together our first ASC sanctioned event. Thanks so much to the ISA and the ASC for putting this program on, and thanks to my fellow Filipinos that spent their own money to come here with me to attend and learn.”

ISA Membership Manager, Summer Nelson.

Hussain Fayaz from the Maldives was also very excited about the future, saying, “I really enjoyed learning more about the structure of a proper NGB, how it should be. I can’t wait to go back home and share this information with the rest of our association. I hope that I can organize a seminar like this back home in the Maldives some day. The first thing I’ll do when I get back home is to gather our crew around and share what I’ve learned!

Other seminar courses included Events Management, Preparation and Logistics, the Role of Media and Marketing at Events, and the Roles of the ISA, ASP, and ASC, which were all geared towards provided specific and useful information that will allow them to further develop their organizations and grow the sport of surfing in their countries.

“This was a very good effort in our path for helping the development of surfing in Asia,” said ISA President Fernando Aguerre. “I am looking forward to building the ISA membership in the region and continuing to support these events in thefuture. Asia is full of great locations for surfing, and we believe that surfing will continue to bring socio-economic benefits to the local populations.”

ASC President Tipi Jabrik was also extremely happy with the results and gratified for the support from both the attendees and the sponsors, saying “I really want to thank all our friends that came to take part in the event, from the places around Asia where we have been helping out with surfing events and where we want to be helping out in the future.”

He went on to add, “And a special thanks to the ISA whose partnership made this possible, to Glen Elliot who has been supporting our Asian judging crew for years now, to Quiksilver for letting us use their facilities, to Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia for helping with expenses and drinks, to Grandmas Hotel for accommodations, to Billabong for expenses and help with the judging set up at Balangan and to the Boardriders Café for the great healthy lunches. We plan to make this an annual event, as we feel it is so very helpful to all the surf communities around the Asian Region.”

The Asian Surfing Development Symposium was made possible through the generous sponsorship of the ISA, Quiksilver SEA, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia, Boardriders Café, Billabong Indonesia and the Grandmas Hotel Legian, whose assistance in supporting this important event is much appreciated.

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