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We are excited to unveil plans for the first Surfing GB event of the year, the 2016 Caravan Club British Schools Surfing Championships which is to be held at Woolacombe Bay in North Devon on April 23rd & 24th.

This event is a highlight of the competitive calendar and gives surfers a chance to compete against their peers for individual and school team success.

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“A weekend of competitive surfing and fun for all to enjoy, this annual event provides the platform for the surfers to take on fellow surfers after a long winter break, it’s a great way to kick off to the season” describes the events contest director Pauly Jeffrey.

Over 100 juniors from over 20 schools are expected, meaning that the champions will need to earn their titles in the Atlantic’s waves.

Updates for Surfers to our 2016 events:

• Entry will now close at 5pm on the Monday before the event (5 days). This is a change from previous (Wednesday 5pm).

• Entry as normal is based on a first come first served basis, however we will be stricter on division capacities and will close an entry once capacity is reached, after which point Surfers will be added to an alternate list.
All Surfers and parents can follow Surfing GB Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for further event updates @surfinggb.

The Caravan Club provide ideal Surfers accommodation, the nearest Caravan Club sites to the event are located at Willingcott & Damage Barton, both approximately 2 miles away. Click here to find out more

The backup date for this event is May 7th & 8th.

Entry for the event is now open and the entry form can be downloaded here: