Team France Announced for the 2013 ISA World Longboard Championship

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Source: Surfing France

The French Surfing Federation has elected its competitors that will represent France during the 2013 ISA World Longboard Championship, next September 22-28.

Team Members

  • Antoine Delpero (Open Men Longboard)
  • Edouard Delpero (Open Men Longboard)
  • Justine Dupont (Open Women Longboard)
  • Martin Coret (Junior Under-18 Boys or Girls)

Team Officials:

  • Team Manager: Serge Lougart
  • Coach: Jean Robert Vignes
  • Doctor: Olivier Colombie

Antoine Delpero (FRA)

“I’m obviously very happy to be selected for the World Championships. It confirms what I’ve been doing for a few years is recognized.” said Antoine Delpero, Longboard Division Champion from the 2009 ISA World Surfing Games. “Despite the fact that it was not only based on the selections in three days, it has strengthened the cohesion of the group and welded connections between us. We were able to train together and motivate each other in the water. I will now turn to a more or less intensive training. I’m already working with my shaper on new boards to arrive in Peru with the best equipment. I do not know the spot of the competition, I only know it is a long left. My repertoire is obviously wider frontside (he is right-handed), but I’m confident in my backside surfing.”

“My goal? I will try to go all the way to the final and if I do, I will fight for the title. It will be important that I make the right tactical decisions in the water. I am also delighted that my brother Edward was also selected for the World Championship.” Delpero added.


Justine Dupont (FRA)

The only female french representative, Justine Dupont 2012 ISA China Cup Copper Medalist declared: “I am very happy to be chosen. There was only one place in the Women’s Division, so I’m happy to be the one who will represent France in Peru. This is the first time that girls are present in the ISA World Longboard Championship, so I have the opportunity to win the first title. I’m a competitor, so I will do everything to go through. I want to sing the Marseillaise! I don’t know much about the competition location, but I’m motivated. We have a good team with the Delpero brothers. It is our chance to win the world team title. We will do everything to achieve this. I will have to adapt my surfing to the left-handed waves. I have three other Shortboard competitions in August, then, I will exclusively ride my Longboard.”

The 2013 ISA World Longboard Championship will be broadcasted live on the Official Event Website www.isawlc.com, starting September 22.

Edouard Delpero (FRA)

Martin Coret (FRA)