Surfing Great Britain Launches New Membership Information System

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Source: Surfing Great Britain

  • Grant funded scheme reaps dividend for Surfers, Surf Clubs and Surf Schools
  • Collaboration with Surf Lifesaving GB will make Surfing on Britain’s crowded beaches Safer
  • Online Membership System to reconnect Surfers with their NGB
  • Cutback Scheme helps Surfers direct NGB support directly back to local surf communities
  • National Register of Surf Schools, Surf Clubs and Surf Coaches
  • National Awards and Qualifications Schemes revamped

Surfing GB this week proudly announces the launch of a streamlined online membership system (MIS), allowing surfers to reconnect with their revitalised National Governing Body. The Surfing GB MIS has been a year in the making having been part funded by a grant from Cornwall Council. Membership of Surfing GB is now just a few simple clicks away and MIS will offer exciting new opportunities for Local Surf Clubs and Surf Schools!

Surfing GB’s MIS system is the result of a unique collaboration with Surf Life Saving GB (SLSGB)  who have been developing MIS for some years and whose members have long been benefitting from the system.  In 2012 Surfing GB and SLSGB agreed to work together  on adapting and developing MIS for Surfers and a year later here it is.

Miles Lee Hargreaves & Paddy Danielat the Opening Ceremony of the 2013 ISA World Junior Surfing Championship

MIS is a simple, efficient and fast way for Surfers to connect with their NGB , their local Surf School and Surf Clubs, and will have the added benefit of connecting Surfers with  Surf Lifesavers. The system is based online through the Surfing GB website and allows Surfers to join or renew membership, access immediate benefits, and administer and record awards and qualifications at the click of a button.

Nigel Semmens, President of Surfing GB said:”This was one of the first projects we identified as being massively important to the work of the NGB- for years most surfers haven’t been members of their own NGB- or even their local club. The MIS has the potential to turn that situation on its head and reconnect surfers with their local surf club, local surf school, and through them their NGB”

Surfers who want to improve their skills will be able to sign up for awards schemes such as the new Junior Surfer Scheme, and surfers looking for work opportunities will be able to access awards such as Surf Coach qualifications and through SLSGB,  Lifesaving qualifications.

The MIS also opens up the world of the Surfing GB Cutback Scheme, which allows members to nominate an SGB affiliated Surf School or Surf Club to receive £5 of  their NGB membership ee (£2.50 for concessionary member). The Cutback Scheme is a way for Surfers to support their local school or club, giving more local control over how NGB support is targetted.

The MIS will also create a National Register of NGB approved Surf Schools, Surf Clubs and Surf Coaches that will inform the Public and Local Authorities that your Surf School or Surf Club, volunteers  and Coaches have been checked by the NGB and are operating to nationally approved standards. MIS will help Surf Clubs and Schools to efficiently administer their members qualifications such as the new Junior Surfer Scheme, and Surf Coach Qualifications online. MIS will help to ensure that all surfers are covered by Liability Insurance- meaning if you are hit by someone in the sea and are injured or your equipment is broken- its more likely there will be some insurance cover.

Kevin Cooke, Surfing GB’s Surf School Liason Officer  commented “The MIS system will ultimately provide  Surf Schools, Local Authorities and Beach Operators with a National register of approved Surf Coaches and Surf Lifesavers. That’s gong to be a massive step forward for ensuring that safety on Britains popular Surf Beaches is secured for the future”

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Contact: Nick Rees (Projects Manager)

Surfing GB (SGB) is the prospective National Governing Body (NGB) for Surfing in the UK. Representing Surfers, Surf Schools and Surf Clubs. Surfing GB aims to improve accessibility, increase participation, and raise standards of coaching and performance across all surfing disciplines. In collaboration with our partner organisations we represent surfers on issues such as the environment, surf safety and maintaining the quality of British surf breaks.

Surf Lifesaving GB (SLSGB) is a charity with over 6,000 volunteers helping to make our beaches a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone. SLSGB volunteers have been providing beach lifeguard training and patrolling the coast for nearly 60 years. SLSGB clubs are nationwide, training members aged from five years upwards in beach education, lifesaving, rescue and fitness skills, helping create fitter and safer communities by the sea.

Surf Life Saving GB is the awarding body for the highest standard of Beach Lifeguard qualification in the country, and is the National Governing Body for Life Saving Sport.