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Effective immediately, the executive director of Surfing America, Greg Cruse announced the new 2016 Coaches for the USA SUP/Paddleboard team and key addition to Surfing America Board of Directors.

Erik Logan – Surfing America Board of Directors Member – SUP/Paddleboard Committee Chair
Brody Welte: Head Coach and SUP Race Coach
Dave Boehne: SUP Surfing
Steve Shlens: Paddleboard

“I’m pleased to announce our 2016 Coaching staff for the USA SUP/Paddleboard team and a key addition to our board of directors. This group of individuals deepens our overall coaching experience in all disciplines and leverages the invaluable experience they all have from our Gold Medal win in 2015, either as a coach or participant,” announced Greg Cruse.

_IEL4561USA’s Gold Medal Team at the 2015 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship. Photo: ISA / Bielmann

Surfing America Board of Directors Member and SUP/Paddleboard Committee Chair – Erik Logan
Erik Logan’s professional career has been largely centered on turning around businesses for over three decades.  His passion and love for Standup Paddling and fresh approach to thinking about this growing industry will be a valuable asset for Surfing America.  Logan will work directly with other members of Surfing America’s board, chairing the SUP/Paddleboard committee, all working to unify and set forth major programs and advancements for all levels of Paddlers.

“It’s such an exciting time for the sport of SUP and Paddleboarding and having the opportunity to work with this great team is a privilege.  The foundation has been laid and with the work ahead, we will continue to advance the Surfing America programs and driving toward the goal of SUP and Paddleboarding becoming an Olympic Sport,” said Erik Logan.

Head Coach / SUP Race Coach – Brody Welte
Brody Welte has made a name for himself in SUP as an industry leader in SUP technique and coaching with innovations not only on the water but for land based training via PaddleFit. As a member of the 2015 coaching staff, Welte’s leadership was a key ingredient in fusing a group of individuals into a Gold Medal winning team.

“It is a special opportunity to be a part of the next chapter of the USA SUP and Paddleboard team. We have a substantial but exciting task in front of us to create the infrastructure needed to cultivate and develop the best athletes from the US,” said Brody Welte. Welte added, “I look forward to working with an outstanding group of coaches and athletes to propel us into the future and hopefully someday the Olympics.”

SUP Surfing Coach – Dave Boehne
Dave’s 30-year competitive career in all disciplines of surfing and his focus for the last 10 years in SUP, have made Dave one of the most consistent competitive SUP surfers in the US. Boehne’s talents are consistently on display as he still often achieves the finals in the largest SUP surf events every year, as evidenced by his recent finals appearance at Steamer Lane during the Santa Cruz Paddlefest this year.

“I am honored and excited to have been selected as the new Surf Coach for the USA SUP/Paddleboard team. We’ve assembled a great crew that is committed and determined to bring this team and program to new heights that everyone can be proud of. I realize I have some big shoes to fill with the departure of my Coach, Ian Cairns but will rely on my experience working with athletes and as a member myself of the 2015 Gold medal team,” said Dave Boehne

Paddleboard Coach – Steve Shlens
Steve Shlens is a traditional or prone paddleboarder living in Santa Barbara, California. Steve grew up with paddling in the 80’s competing in sprint events on the West Coast, East Coast, and Hawaii as a state and national champion.  In 2015, at 45 years old, Steve was an integral part of the gold medal winning US Paddling Team.  He’s now thrilled to transition into the position of paddling coach for the team and is looking forward to more adventures and success with this group of athletes.

Steve Shlens comments, “It’s a distinct honor and privilege to have been asked to help out the USA SUP/Paddleboard team as a paddling coach. The camaraderie developed in Mexico was an experience I hope to pass on to future generations of paddlers, as well as advice and assistance to succeed.” Shlens adds, “We all have an opportunity now to elevate not just US paddleboarding but worldwide paddling into the next realm with hopes of eventually achieving Olympic inclusion. The talent pool across the globe is staggering and it would be incredible and deserved to see that talent pool celebrated on the world stage.”

Additionally, Greg Cruse announced a USA SUP/Paddleboard advisory panel that will be used as a resource to assist our coaches and Surfing America in gathering information, varying points of view and development of ideas on key decisions about the advancement of the sport.

Commenting on the formation of the panel, Greg Cruse added, “The goal with this panel is for Surfing America to be more inclusive than ever before about gathering all the voices in SUP, so our coaches and the Board of Directors will have a much wider field of view on the issues and opportunities. We will be announcing this panel in the coming weeks.”

About Surfing America
Surfing America is the ISA-recognized National Governing Body for Surfing in the United States. The International Surfing Association (ISA) is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the World Governing Authority for Surfing, Stand Up Paddling, Paddleboarding, Bodyboarding, and Surfriding.