Surfers Journal E-Book: After the Discovery – The Evolution of West African Surf Culture

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Source: The Surfer’s Journal

The Surfer’s Journal has launched their new E-Book called “After the Discovery – The Evolution of West African Surf Culture,” where they examine the impact of surfing on the coastal communities of West Africa. After more than a decade of violent civil war in Liberia, an ISA Member Nation, the young people of the nation’s surf capital, Robertsport, gather at the beach and document a more hopeful way of life.

As part of the ISA’s mission to develop surfing globally, the ISA is looking to grow membership in the region. Currently the ISA has 77 Member Nations across 5 continents with the goal of reaching 100 members by the end of 2014. Two key areas with great opportunity for growth are Africa and Asia.

With the help of Sean Brody, the ISA Africa Development Advisor, the ISA is looking to bring on many new members in the region.

“Liberia is also serving as positive model for other developing African countries,” said Brody in the introduction of the Surfer’s Journal e-book. “Currently the International Surfing Association (ISA) has recognized nine African nations including Liberia, Cape Verde Islands, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Namibia, Morocco, Senegal, Somalia, and South Africa. Sierra Leon, Sao Tome, and Principe are also on deck. Surfing in Africa is not only becoming an economical driver, supporting many families, but it is also used as a tool for peacekeeping. The youth are glomming on to this positive pastime as an avenue to a brighter future.”