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Fokai and Lotus Surf Shop on Feb. 6 presented the Hafa Surf Series 2 contest at Talofofo Bay. The fun-filled day of surfing was open to surfers and spectators both young and old.

56b959e0315d1.imageNoa Mendiola snaps on a wave in the 9 to 11-year-old Open competition. Photo: John Barber

The series of surf contests is based on having fun and competing with other kids and adults of similar ages. The Hafa Surf Series encourages community members to apply surf skills and talents, and to learn the fundamentals of surfing. Local businesses and Guam’s surfing and bodyboarding federation, Guahan Napu Inc., worked to make the day at the beach a success. Hafa Surf Series 2 Results

5- to ­8-year-old Open:

1. Mia Lee
2. Dina Soriano
3. Kaya Fitzgerald
4. Emma Rosen

56b959e39e058.imageIn the 5 to 8-year-old division, the youngest in the surf series, Mia Lee, far right, took first place. Photo: John Barber

9­- to 11-year-old Boys Shortboard Open:

1. Alfred Leon Guerrero
2. Noa Mendiola
3. Taylor Bruch
4. Jio Park

9­- to 11-year-old Girls Shortboard Open:

1. Philicita Rivera
2. Rylee Purcell
3. Lia Park

12-­ to 14-year-old Shortboard Open:

1. Austia Mendiola
2. Irie Fitzgerald
3. Minami Cramer
4. Angel Lea Aguilar

Youth Longboard:

1. Noa Mendiola
2. Irie Fitzgerald
3. Angel Lea Aguilar
4. Minami Cramer

56b959e5c0fd0.imageYouth Longboard rider Irie Fitzgerald gets ready to do a bottom turn. Photo: John Barber

Ladies Shortboard/Funboard:

1. Irie Fitzgerald
2. Austia Mendiola
3. Mae Mendiola
4. Maile Kloppenburg

56b959e8d6f7c.imageAustia Mendiola, who earned first place in the 12 to 14-year-old Shortboard Open, goes off the top. Photo: John Barber

Ladies Longboard:

1. Angel Lea Aguilar
2. Mae Mendiola
3. Austia Mendiola
4. Irie Fitzgerald

Mens Longboard:

1. Shane Pier
2. Jared Gogue
3. Kenny Pier
4. Richmond Arciaga