Subaru Set To Drive The Ultimate Waterman and Surfing New Zealand

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Surfing New Zealand is pleased to announce Subaru New Zealand as the official naming right sponsor for The Ultimate Waterman event and as a major sponsor of the national surfing body.

Paige Hareb Subaru team rider Paige Hareb – Image courtesy of WSL

The Ultimate Waterman event, to be held on March 14-21, 2015 in Auckland, is an entirely new global surfing event and is by ‘invitation only’ for just eight athletes, who will compete in six different surfing disciplines over eight days. 

Subaru is a vehicle company that has long been synonymous with exploration and adventure around New Zealand’s spectacular coastline.  Subaru offers the perfect fit for The Ultimate Waterman, which sets out to find the best surf and ocean conditions within New Zealand.

The Ultimate Waterman event coincides with the launch of the new Subaru Outback, which will be available in New Zealand from March.

Subaru_2015_GT_and_WallisWallis Dumper (General Manager Subaru New Zealand) and Greg Townsend (CEO Surfing New Zealand)

“We are absolutely thrilled to partner with Subaru New Zealand – such an iconic global vehicle brand with strong values that are very aligned to that of our own  organisation,” said Surfing New Zealand CEO Greg Townsend.

“Subaru’s commitment to quality and innovation means it will be a perfect fit with the sport of surfing and our exciting new event, The Ultimate Waterman.”

“We sincerely appreciate the support of Subaru New Zealand and look forward to a fantastic partnership into the future,” Townsend said.

Wallis Dumper, Managing Director of Subaru of New Zealand, said of the partnership: “This was a natural fit for our 100% all-wheel drive model range of vehicles that have been the choice of surfers for generations. You only need to look around any surfing car park to check out the various models in all shapes and sizes to see Subaru is an intergenerational transport choice for surfers.

“In fact it’s one of the great ownership traits with Subaru cars is that there is always a ready market for your used car in the surf community so new cars often don’t involve trade ins as they effectively get ‘traded’ amongst the family to young from old as such. The great thing is the older generation of surfers love our new cars so many of these cars appear as the new ‘company’ or family wagon which just happens to help enable the weekend activities,” added Dumper.

“We have supported Paige Hareb for many years and from time to time been involved at various levels of the sport in sponsorships. But this new initiative creates a new level of support that culminates in not only ongoing support for Surfing New Zealand driven by Subaru but also the exciting possibilities with The Ultimate Waterman event, also driven by Subaru, that will have Kiwis up close and personal with some of the world’s best surfers on cityside beaches.

“There’s something special about a surfers’ mission as they set off in a trusty Subaru wagons to visit that new break or a group road trip to that remote spot they know our cars will always get them to and from.

“The great thing is our wagons and SUV’s help enable the surfing culture in New Zealand, whether that be a fully loaded roof-racks model with chilly bin in the back or the budget ‘Motel’ Subaru sleepover model …that’s seats down surfside,” Dumper said.

Subaru will be the presenting sponsor at the 2015 Billabong National Surfing Championships being held at Piha Beach, Auckland, on January 11–17.  

Further Information
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For more information on The Ultimate Waterman event please contact:

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