Scottish Surfing Federation hosts successful ISA Coaching and Judging Courses

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Level one surfers analysing the surfing venue

ISA Surf Level 1 Course Participants analyzing the conditions Photo: SSF

From March 13-17, 2017 the Scottish Surfing Federation hosted an ISA Surf Level 2 and an ISA Surf Level 1 Coaching Course in Thurso, Scotland.

Ten coaches gathered from across all regions of Scotland for an action packed and high performance ISA Surf Level 2 Coaching Course. These coaches were guided in many key aspects of developmental surf coaching by ISA Course Presenter Andy Joyce. Included in this was generic athlete development, athlete training plans, surfing movement analysis, video analysis, and simulation training, which are all key elements of being a successful surf coach.

2017-03-17 12.44.11

ISA Surf Level 2 Course Notes Photo: SSF

ISA Course Presenter Andy Joyce said:

“This course was a real meeting of coaching minds! I learnt a lot about surf movement refinement and the other coaches gained a lot about annualized training plans and nutrition! The Scottish Surfing Federation and the people in Scotland were so accommodating and helpful, and the amount of quality waves in all conditions there was awesome!”

ISA Course Presenter Andy Joyce samples some of the Scottish surf. Photo: Malcolm Anderson

The ISA Level 2 Course was followed up by an ISA Surf Level 1 Course which was an enjoyable learning experience for the new Scottish surf instructors. The last day was primarily lead by Sam Christopherson as part of his accreditation process to become an ISA Course Presenter in Scotland in the future.

To finish off the week of development ISA Judging Course Presenter presented an ISA Judging Course in Thurso to train three new Scottish Judges.

Overall the week was a great success for the Scottish Surfing Federation as they progressed Surfing development in Scotland. Thrown into the mix was some great waves, amazing scenery and a positive experience for all that were involved.

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