Sierra Leone’s First Steps In Surfing

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Source: BBC News

Africa is a key region for the development and the ISA has the goal of developing the sport throughout the continent while expanding ISA membership, as the organization seeks to reach 100 member nations by the end of 2014.

Last year, Sierra Leone created its first and only surf club, the Bureh Beach Surf Club (BBSC).

BBC has published a photo feature about Sierra Leone’s growing surfing community, and its beautiful beaches.


The Bureh Beach Surf Club (BBSC) was set up last year as a non-profit enterprise that hopes to boost the sport’s popularity in Sierra Leone and also to bring jods and revenue for the village. For now, thought, it is the country’s first and only surf club.


Many people in the village learned to surf with boards borrowed from visitors to the beach. Now the club owns a selection of donated equipment, which it rents out by the day


Eleven years after the end of its civil war, Sierra Leone is still struggling to overcome its image problem abroad and revive its once thriving tourism industry. On beaces like Bureh during the week you are still likely to be the only visitor.

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