Seven Surf Instructors Receive ISA Certification in the Maldives

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An ISA Surf Level 1 Course took place this month in the Maldives, certifying seven local instructors.

With their internationally recognized certification, these instructors can help attribute to the development and growth of Surfing in the Maldives by spreading the knowledge and skills they learned to their students.

The course, which was conducted by ISA Course Presenter Dara Ahmed and ISA supervising instructor Ahmed Shihaz, took place at Club Med Kani, just 20 kilometers north of the nation’s capital, Male.

The course was put on with the support of Club Med Kani, Fun Sports, Maldives Surfing Association, and Atoll Adventures.

As the international federation, recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the sport of Surfing, SUP, and all other wave riding activities, the ISA proudly presents the proper development pathway for Educational Programs in the sport of Surfing and SUP.

The next course in the Maldives is taking place on July 20. Email course presenter Dara Ahmed to sign up:

To view upcoming ISA courses around the globe, visit:


Seven newly ISA certified Maldivian instructors.


Course warm up.


A beautiful day to take the ISA Surf Level 1 Course in the Maldives.


ISA Course Presenter Dara Ahmed instructing the course participants.


Not too shabby a location to hold an ISA Course.

Photos: Dara Ahmed