Second Afghan Surf Championship

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Afghanistan doesn’t have a shore, but that doesn’t keep Afghans from surfing!
Currently Afghan surfer are preparing for their second championship that will take place in Hossegor at the French Atlantic coast from October 1st – October 10th.

The championship is organized by WRAA(Wave Riders Association of Afghanistan), which was founded by young exile Afghans and is officially recognized by the ISA (international surf association).

The first official Afghan surf championships took place in May 2015 in Ericeria, Portugal. Strong media interest from Germany, Portugal and Afghanistan alike, as well as enormous interest and support from the surfing community convinced WRAA quickly that the first afghan championship could only have been the beginning in a series of Afghan surf activities. The second championship is now the next step in pushing Afghan surf ambitions further.

DavidLohmueller-WRAA-7L2B9647-0The participants of the first Afghan Surf Championship in Portugal in 2015. 

While 2015 mostly Afghans living in exile joined the competition, this year Afghans from Afghanistan will join the competition as well.

WRAA expects this year’s winners to be eligible to take part in next year’s ISA world surf championship.

The recent nomination of surfing as an Olympic discipline has motivated WRAA further: Their new ambition is to spread surfing amongst many more Afghans in Afghanistan and to send Afghan surfers to the Olympics 2020.

The times when one needed sea waves to go surfing are long gone,
Wave parks are being build all over the world and river waves are the new ocean. With its uncountable mountain rivers, Afghanistan suddenly has the potential to become a river surfing paradise.

Recently, European canoe athletes went to Afghanistan to find secret, thrilling mountain rivers. WRAA is currently planning a similar river wave expedition – to discover river waves that can be surfed – in cooperation with American and German river wave surfers. “We hope that the Olympic Games 2020 will accelerate the construction of a wave park on Afghanistan.”, says Afridun Amu, president of WRAA. “An important step on our way is definitely also this second Afghan surf championship. WRAA is happy to welcome everybody interested in Hossegor 2016!”