A Scottish Surfing team to make its international debut at the biggest surfing event in the ISA World Surfing Games History.

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Source: Scottish Surfing Federation

chris noble Chris Noble – Current Scottish Champion

A Scotland team will participate for the first time at the International Surfing Association World Games this October – the 50th anniversary of the games. The last time Scotland participated in surfing at an international level was at the EuroSurf competition in the early 1990s. The Scottish Surfing Federation will be sending a 6 person team to compete in the games – two ladies and four men- the team was selected at the Scottish National Surfing Championships in Thurso, Scotland in March.

iain massonIain Masson – 7 x Scottish Champion and 4th Place at the 2014 Scottish National Championships in Thurso, Scotland

The surfers who will make the trip to Peru to fly the flag for Scotland are:

· Jennifer Wood (Elgin),

· Phoebe Strachan (Edinburgh),

· Mark Cameron (Fraserburgh),

· Mark Boyd (Thurso),

· Iain Masson (Fraserburgh)

· Andrew Robertson (St Andrews)

 jennifer woodJennifer – 2nd Place in the Scottish National Championships and William Watson SSF President in the background

The team includes past several times Scottish Champions Iain Masson and Mark Cameron. Both Mark Cameron and Mark Boyd have competed at 6-Star WQS level representing SCO in the past and will be looking take this experience back to the international stage. Andrew Robertson the current Scottish junior champion will also be in attendance.

 Mark Boyd in Thurso,ScotlandMark Boyd – Surfing in Thurso, Scotland

Current Scottish Champion Chris Noble (Thurso) was unable to make the event due to work commitments but has wished his fellow team mates all the best: “its really fantastic that Scotland will be represented at the World Games for the first time and this will be a great opportunity for the generations to come, I hope the team really enjoy the experience and do well competing.” Current Scottish ladies champion Shoana Blackadder was also unable to attend due to family commitments.

 mark boydMark Boyd – 3rd Place in the Scottish National Championships

The Scottish Surfing Federation has been in existence for over 40 years and host the annual Scottish National Surfing Championships. Since 2012 the president of the SSF has been William Watson of Fraserburgh: “We’ve seen the sport go from strength to strength in recent years and as such we recognized the need to strengthen our core organization so we can truly represent Scotland’s Surfers and manage every aspect of the sport efficiently. It’s been a timely process but one that has allowed us to cast a solid foundation on which we can develop the sport. The help we’ve had along the way from SportScotland has been tremendous and as such after achieving formal Governing Body recognition earlier this summer we’ve now been able to work with the European Surfing Federation and the International Surfing Association to bring the sport to a new level. Being able to give Scotland’s surfers the opportunity to compete at such an event is an outstanding step, it’ll be an exciting and busy time ahead in the preparation phase and we look forward to sourcing and working with credible team sponsors. The team we have consists not only of Scotlands elite surfers but they’re whom I would consider some of the best ambassadors we could ask for on our World Games debut – I know they’ll do us all, the sport and Scotland proud.”

phoebePhoebe Strachan – 3rd Place at the Scottish National Championships

Mark_Cameron_09 II

Mark Cameron competing at the 6-Star Cold Water Classic WQS