San Diego to Host the 2011 ISA Tandem Surfing World Championships

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Pablo Zanocchi
International Surfing Association
Media Manager

The first ITSA World Tandem Tour contest of 2011 shares the distinction of being the 2011 ISA Tandem Surfing World Championships and will take place at Trestles (Church break), San Diego, California USA from January 7th to 9th, 2011.

This is the first time in history that the mainland of the USA will host a world title event for Tandem Surfing. Teams from Europe, South America, North America, Hawaii and Australia will gather to battle for the ISA Tandem Surfing Open World Champion title.

“We expect over 20 teams from around the world to qualify for this year’s world championship event. We are introducing an exciting new format that allows athletes in two divisions to earn top marks and claim world championship titles,” explained contest director, Kristen Huntington, President of the Tandem Waveriders Organization (TWO) and ITSA board member.

“Tandem surfing has expanded so quickly in the last five years since becoming sanctioned by the International Surfing Association (ISA).  We have so many teams of Olympic caliber that we have to expand the competition to allow up and coming new teams the chance to succeed among teams at their own level.”

The 2011 Tandem Surfing World Championship will take place at the world-class surf break, Trestles (Church break), in San Diego, California. “Trestles is the only mainland stop on the ASP World Tour, so we are very excited to be able to hold an international tandem contest where we can show the world that we are not only good at lifting our partners, but at surfing great waves while doing it,” commented Clement Cetran, current 2010 ISA Tandem World Champion.

Competition will begin on Friday, January 7th and run through Sunday, January 9th with an awards ceremony and VIP party to follow.

In addition to the reigning ISA Tandem Surfing World Champions, Clement and Dhelia Cetran from Biscarosse, France, who have confirmed they will attend to defend their crown, 2009/2010 ITSA World Tandem Tour champions Rico Leroy and Sarah Burel (Lacanau, FRA) and the 2008 ISA Tandem Surfing World Champions Tiffany Rabical and Chuck Inman (HAW) will be vying for the 2011 title.  The expected, unprecedented turnout promises to provide some of the most exciting, amazing displays of tandem surfing ever exhibited on the world stage.

All news, photos and videos highlights available at www.itsatandem.com.

Previous ISA Tandem Surfing World Champions:

2010: Clement & Dhelia Cetran (FRA)
2009: Kalani & Ala Vierra (HAW)
2008: Chuck Inman & Tiffany Rabacal (HAW)
2007: Kalani Vierra & Blanche Yoshida (HAW)
2006: Brian Keaulana & Kathy Terada (HAW)

Some other teams to watch include:

Kalani Vierra and Kathy Terada (Hawaii): Both Kalani and Kathy are World Champion Tandem Surfers, winning the title with other partners, but have never surfed in an ISA Tandem event together. They are both strong surfers and excel at all the hardest lifts.

Brian and Hana McEvilly (San Diego, California): A father/daughter team who recently began competing in professional tandem. Hana is only 11, but is already an accomplished gymnast, dancer, and poised tandem surfer. McEvilly has competed with his wife Illa since the early 1990’s; they took 1st place at the last international contest at Doheny in September, 2010.

Pauly Chambers and Krystl Apeles (Costa Rica): A promising young couple who showed tremendous promise during the 2009 ITSA World Tandem Tour, placing second for the year, and who are returning to the international tandem competition after a one year sabbatical.

Clayton and Kristen Huntington (Dana Point, California): A husband/wife team local to Trestles and San Onofre. They were ranked 3rd on the ITSA World Tandem Tour in 2008 and 2009. After falling to 5th place in both the 2010 ISA World Championships and the ITSA World Tandem Tour rankings, they are hungry and determined to perform well at their local break this winter.

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