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Continuing the Search for Indonesia’s best groms, Rip Curl will be kicking off Gromsearch #4 at its most remote location yet in Bengkulu, West Sumatra. A little known hot spot for young surfing talent, Bengkulu is a fabulous stretch of beachbreaks to the south of the capital of Sumatran capital of Padang. Lying just below the “Mentawai window” Bengkulu lies perfectly exposed to the same swells that hit the famed spots of the offshore islands. With rivermouths and harbors providing ideal peaky beachbreak conditions, Gromsearch #4 is sure to be a new experience for all who travel there.

Preview DocumentPhoto: Timo Pramulya (Bengkulu)

And for the locals? It will become a proving ground that they are eagerly awaiting.

“When we were searching for new locations this year,” Says Rip Curl Marketing Director James Hendy, “Bengkulu just jumped out at us. Surfing is relatively new to this area and we can’t wait to inspire the local surfing scene with the high performance surfing of our current champions”.

It seems the competitors are looking forward to the challenge as well. “Yeah, we’ve heard of something going on up there with those guys” Says Rip Curl’s Grom Search Champion Raju Sena, “The Bali Boys are really excited to get to Bengkulu and cut loose in some different beachbreak conditions. As for the local competition, well, let’s see what they got!”

After thrilling competitions in Lombok, Java and Bali, Rip Curl continues its Gromsearch for the best young surfers in all of Indonesia. “True to Rip Curl’s philosophy of only holding GromSearches in great waves,” Says Rip Curl CEO Jeff Anderson, “Bengkulu is another opportunity for any young surfer, boy or girl, to achieve their youthful dreams. Rip Curl is proud to present the opportunity to spread the health and joy of the surfing message to this new region. It will be great to see the Groms meet new friends in Bengkulu and, aside from the competition aspects, form new surfing friendships of a lifetime. ”

There are 4 divisions available :

Under 16 years Boys Division
Under 14 years Boys Division
Under 12 years Boys Division
Under 16th Girls Division

Named after a local native plant which is the largest orchid in the world, the “Bengkulu Rafflesia Surfing Association” will be on board as welcoming hosts. They assure the field that this 4th competition in the Gromsearch series is an ideal venue for both competitors and spectators to witness the hottest under 16 surfing in Indonesia.

And with one more spectacular location in Sumbawa, this year’s Gromsearch series will once again give any under 16 surfer their shot at the big time.

Preview Document copyPhoto: Timo Pramulya (Bengkulu)

With an international Grand Final to be held at a the famed Ala Moana Bowls on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, the Gromsearch is the greatest opportunity in Indonesia for any young surfer, boy or girl, to maketheir surfing dreams come true. Real surf, real contests, real winners and a fantastic grand prize that could lead to international recognition and help launch an international professional surfing career.

Here’s how it works: The winners of each regional competition are invited to the Indonesian National Final. The winners of the Indonesian National Final are then flown to the international Grand finals in Hawaii where they will face the hottest under 16 surfers from around the globe. Win the International Grand Finals and you are well on your way to sponsorship and a pro career.

Past locations for the International Grand finals include the USA, Australia, Brazil, Europe, South America and New Zealand.

And inspiring to all new contestants, past winners are among some of the World’s best, including – Owen Wright, Matt Wilkinson, Jordy Smith and six time World Champion Stephanie Gilmore.

The stuff that young dreams are made of, offered in a professional arena, the GromSearch brings the most talented young surfers in Indonesia together in an exciting, safe and friendly environment that promotes sportsmanship, environmental awareness, cultural exchange and high voltage competition.

The Rip Curl GromSearch remains a worldwide series of events designed especially for young surfers or, to use the Australian term, Groms. Since its inception, The Gromsearch has always been the premiere series of global events that gives young surfers the center stage and a chance to show the world what they’ve got. And with three divisions, under 16yrs, under 14yrs and under 12yrs for both boys and girls, there are plenty of chances to do just that.

Remember, to be competition eligible you must be the specified age as of the 31st December, 2016. All divisions are limited, with entry allocated on a first in, first served basis. Participants may also enter all 5 qualifying events, giving young surfers the maximum opportunity for competitive success.

So wax up, and get down to Bengkulu for Gromsearch #4.