Rip Curl Grom Search presented by POSCA: Croyde, GBR

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Gromsearch Croyde report

The sun blazed down on the first stop of the Rip Curl Grom Search presented by POSCA over the weekend in picturesque Croyde Bay in North Devon. After a number of postponed stops for the Grom Search tour due to lack of swell everyone was thoroughly amped to get to Croyde and start the kick things off with a bang. The turnout for the event was brilliant with early enthusiasm bursting from the riders which sparked a quick start to the competition and powerful surfing from the first blast of the horn.

Situated in the overlooking field at Croyde bay, the event site played host to a range of fantastic activities set up by Ripcurl and POSCA whilst the animated beanpole of a commentator relayed the exciting heats to the spectators as the judges worked hard to determine the top riders that were standing above the rest in the waves.

Over the weekend the wave conditions were definitely challenging for all of the surfers involved. Though the waves were clean as they rolled into the bay they were small in size, but working with the pushing tide and some decent banks organisers managed to rattle through the heats on day one before going on hold as the tide turned, there was a brief restart for the U12’s as the mid tide bank came into play on the drop before contest organisers called it off for the day.

RCGS_Croyde_20140720068-copyright rob tibbles

Kit Innes

Day 2 kicked off super early to once again make the most of the pushing tide. With the majority of the rounds done on day 1 it was a morning of semi-finals as the line up for the hotly anticipated finals were decided.

The U14 and U16 boys divisions were as tightly fought as ever and it turned into a thrilling battle between Eno James and Kit Innes as they traded waves, smashing lips and throwing fins. Kit took the U14 crown and Eno looked super stoked with his 2nd place, and looked like he was going to burst with excitement when he was announced winner of the U16s.

RCGS_Croyde_20140720041-copyright rob tibbles

Eno James

Ellie Turner dominated in the Girls U16 &U14 divisions with strong forehand turns securing her victory. Bude’s Stanley Norman was on fire in U12 boys, generating unreal speed he tore every wave to pieces flashing fins and putting in strong turns to take the win. In the U12 girls Ffion Hughes who surfed more heats than anyone over the weekend having also made the finals of the U14 and U16 divisions took the crown.

RCGS_Croyde_20140720058-copyright rob tibbles

Ellie Turner

The competition ended with all of the frothing juniors back in the water along with Rip Curl team rider Jayce Robinson for an explosive expression session. With everyone on their fun boards wearing Rip Curl caps and some even in board shorts, they got to show off to the crowd while having a laugh with friends in the glorious sunshine. Taking the win Seth Morris impressed all with his fine style and explosive moves and was rightly rewarded for his efforts by the judges with his fine style claiming victory the Tall lad Will Bailey, sporting boardies and a fine tan, got the highest score of the weekend somehow finding a ramp and stomping a tidy little reverse.

RCGS_Croyde_20140720085-copyright rob tibbles

Will Bailey

With competition concluded it was down to the serious business of the presentations. The top four surfers from each category received their prizes and medals to rapturous applause; the were smiles aplenty and the appreciation from everyone for a well performed summer surfing event was greatly valued from all involved in this first stop of the Ripcurl Grom search presented by POSCA.

The next stop of the Grom Search will take place in Freshwater West, Wales, where the Pembrokeshire coast is the stage for these young riders to do what they do best, put on a show and advance further towards the final which is on the horizon.

Thanks again to everyone who was involved in making this event happen.

RCGS_Croyde_20140720015-copyright rob tibbles

Rip Curl Grom Search Croyde

U16 Boys:

1st Eno James
2nd Kit Innes
3rd Liam Murray Strout
4th Will Bailey

U16 Girls:

1st Ellie Turner
2nd Meg Niblett
3rd Lily Mandeville
4th Ffion Hughes

U14 Boys:

1st Kit Innes
2nd Eno James
3rd Joseph Morris
4th Leo Reeves

U14 Girls:

1st Ellie Turner

2nd Ffion Hughes

3rd Lily Mandeville

4th Carys Potter

U12 Boys:

1st Stanley Norman

2nd Noah Capps

3rd Max Hudson

4th Jake Arrowsmith

U12 Girls:

1st Ffion Hughes

2nd Carys Potter