Rip Curl Grom Search finale goes off in fine fashion

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Our search is over, the Grom’s have been found, the champions of the UK’s Rip Curl Grom Search are Ellie Turner and Patrick Langdon Dark, with Niamh Mathias and Leo Reeves finishing in second, all four of whom have won their ticket to the European finals.

Leo Reeves Watergate-GromSearch_182-photo_rob_tibblesLeo Reeves. Photo: Rob Tibbles

Watergate Bay in Cornwall played host to our final event of the 2015 Rip Curl Grom Search, and what a fine host it was, providing us with pumping waves and sunshine all weekend.

Saturday kicked off with a busy morning of double peak competing to take advantage of the larger swell and to ensure we could give all competitors the 20 minute heats we wanted. The sun broke out mid-morning and with deck chairs and music to match the summer vibes, the competitors and spectators nestled in for a day of high octane action. By close of play on Saturday the under 16 boys semi-finalists and under 16 girls finalists had been identified, as well as the under 14 boys quarter finalists and all left the beach with high hopes and froth levels to match for finals Sunday.

Sunday was an idyllic day, with 2-3ft glassy waves relentlessly rolling into the bay. It was straight into the action with the Boys under 16s semi-finals taking to the water and setting the tone for an action packed day as hopes of European glory faded for some and became a reality for others. Reggae tunes filtering around the competitor’s zone as once again the sun came out and shone brightly upon our corner of Cornish goodness. The Under 12’s was a packed out division with 21 entries, we had 6 year olds competing and parents pushing their Grommies into the waves, much to the delight and enjoyment of all involved.

Finals time was an exciting time, as the tide dropped and the low tide banks made their play, the wave selection becoming a more important part of the competitors focus. The Under 12’s girls title was taken by Bonita Whitelock, who actually won this division in all three events. Jake Arrowsmith impressed the judges to earn the under 12 boys title. Bonita Whitelock clearly found her groove as she progressed to also win the under 14’s girls final, whilst Seth Morris won his second Under 14’s title and his 2nd Smith Optics Move of the Day award for his surfing in the 2015 search events.

With Ellie Turner having already won two events in 2015 she had previously secured her European ticket, so with the one remaining ticket available Niamh Mathias took her chance and the win in the under 16 girls division, which secured her ticket to Europe for the second year in a row.

Niamh Mathias Watergate-GromSearch_087-photo_rob_tibblesNiamh Mathias. Photo: Rob Tibbles

The under 16 boys division was very tight at the top, so with three out of the four finalists in with a chance of winning their spot at the European finals it was a tense battle for the title. In the final Leo Reeves put together a performance to out surf his fellow competitors and took the under 16 title and take maximum points, therefore earning his way to Europe. However with an interference in the quarter finals Patrick Langdon Dark did not feature in the finals, but his 1st place in Wales and 5th place in Croyde gave him the points needed to also secure a ticket to Europe.

Surfing GB have been stoked on running these events in 2015 and are pleased that the future of British surfing is not only here, but it is frothing harder than ever. Thanks to all of the surfers, staff, sponsors and supporters who have contributed to this year’s Grom Search, it was certainly one to remember. We look forward to seeing and supporting the four surfers represent Great Britain in the European finals to be held somewhere in Europe this coming November.

Overall UK results for 2015 search


1st- Ellie Turner

2nd – Niamh Mathias


1st – Leo Reeves

2nd – Patrick Langdon Dark

Watergate Bay Results

Under 16 Boys

1st – Leo Reeves

2nd – Cieran Hughes

3rd – Kameron Matthews

4th – Logan Nicol

Under 16 Girls

1st – Niamh Mathias

2nd – Ruby Breadon

3rd – Ffion Hughes

4th – Lily Mandeville

Under 14 Boys

1st – Seth Morris

2nd – Leo Reeves

3rd – Axe Garrett

4th – Sol Hawkins

Under 14 Girls

1st – Bonita Whitelock

2nd – Ffion Hughes

3rd – Lily Mandeville

4th – Tegan Blackford

Under 12 Boys

1st – Jake Arrowsmith

2nd – Bertie Norman

3rd – Thomas Reeves

4th – Sam Heard

Under 12 Girls

1st – Bonita Whitelock

2nd – Tegan Blackford

3rd – Lauren Sandand

4th – Sienna Morison

5th – Jocelyn Sellar