Puttur local surfers create history in International Surfing Championship

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Source : Mangalorean.com 

Published Date: 18 Sep, 2014

by Patha Varanashi-Puttur

This is a story of two young girls who come from a small town winning at International Surf Championship!!


Puttur: Sinchana Gowda and Aneesha Nayak have created history by winning 2nd and 3rd place respectively in Covelong Point Classic, An international surfing championship held at Chennai. This was organised by surfing federation of India (SFI) under the licence from International Surfing Association (ISA).

surf_championship_mangalorean_20140918-002Sinchana Gowda and Aneesha Nayak hail from Puttur. They were pulled in to surfing one year ago by their swimming coach Partha Varanashi who was in Australia for six year were he learnt to surf. Sinchana and Aneesha along with few other children from Puttur started training under a national medallist surfer Dhruva Das of Mantra Surf club at Balavana Swimming pool, Puttur. On weekdays these future stars train at the pool. They would learn to paddle, balance on skate board, duck dive and work on their strength and conditioning. On weekends they were taken to the beach at Mulki and Bekal for training. There they would learn to face the big waves and tackle with their board to stand up and surf.


The hard work by these young surfer, their coach and dedication by their parents paid off when both of them seized the podium place at the Covelong point classic surf Championship. In round one (heats) both Sinchana and Aneesha were up against two surfers from Australia and Russia. However both our girls fought hard and got through to the finals. Aneesha who was down at bottom till last 5 minutes to go found something! She says it was her instinct that made her catch that winner! She paddled hard, caught that wave, stood up and pumped which was made the international judges give her the best score of that round. Sinchana did quite well to finish second in the heat behind Aneesha.


Finals was on the 14th were in the girls from Puttur were up against Ishita Malavya who is India’s first female surfer and Suhasini Damian of Auroville. The Bay of Bengal had no mercy on women finalists! Powerful over head swells with a strong current stared to pick up as the horn went off for the 20min finals. All the four girls started to go after the big wave to impress the judges.. However the waves were too big and too hollow for the women..one after the other started getting wiped out (like clothes inside the washing machine) Meanwhile on the 7th minute the 12 year old Sinchana found something.. She managed to catch something the rest couldn’t.. She spotted a big swell outside..paddled hard at it and she catches it!! As the speed picked up she pulls her shoulders up and brings her right foot up the board to stand up and fearlessly rides that wave to score the first points of the session!

Right after that around 10min mark Aneesha pulls a classic!! She spots a wave on the right side.. She positions herself perfectly..paddles and catches it.. text book style. Surfers get to catch as many as 10 waves in the 20min session. All the 10 waves will be scored by the judges however only top 2 scores are added up to decide the results.



GROMS (Under 16) – WINNERS

1st Appas Ali Covelong Point Surf School

2nd Satish Ummidhi Vizag Surfer

3rd Raghul.G Covelong Point Surf School


1st Dharani S Covelong Point Surf School

2nd Deekshith Suvarna Mantra Surf Club

3rd Munvar Hussain Covelong Point Surf School


1st Sekar. P Covelong Point Surf School

2nd Vignesh V Covelong Point Surf School

3rd Kiran Kumar M.U Mantra Surf Club

MASTERS (29 and above) – WINNERS

1st Murthy Megavan Covelong Point Surf School

2nd Velmurugan Pondi Surfer

3rd Sandeep Samuel Cocopelli Surf School


1st Suhasini Damian Kallialay Surf School

2nd Sinchana Gowda Mantra Surf Club aka (Surfing India)

3rd Aneesha Nayak Mantra Surf Club


1st Ismail Miglal Maldives Surfer

2nd Samai Reboul Kallialay Surf School

3rd Surya P. Covelong Point Surf School — at Surfing Covelong Point.