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image001Josh Enslin is carried from the water by members of the CYOH Surf Club. Photo: Surfing South Africa

Port Elizabeth surfer Josh Enslin, 30, braved the cold conditions at Pollock Beach over the weekend (November 14th & 15th) to set a new Guinness World Record for the Longest Surf Session of 30 hours and 11 minutes.

The previous record, set by Ben Shaw (USA) on August 30 & 31, 2014, was 29 hours 27 minutes. During his day – night – day session, Enslin caught 455 waves, which equals one wave every four minutes, and R30,000 was raised for the CYOH Surf Club Charity Drive.

 “It was windy, calm, sunny and freezing during the attempt,” said Enslin of his record breaking surf.”It really was four seasons in two days. The toughest part for me was the 2am to 4am stretch. Conditions were freezing, fatigue had set in, and my body was freezing. The waves had picked up as well.” 

Enslin admitted that it was a mental as well as a physical challenge. “I was thinking, ‘push forward, you can do this,’ and at the 27th hour I knew I had it.”

When it was all over, Josh remained on site, helping to pack up with the CYOH Surf Club crew. “I still had some energy left, but this was clearly from the hype, as when I got home I passed out in thirty seconds.I really want to thank the CYOH Surf Club, Jakes, my fiancé, mom and dad and step-dad and all my family and friends for the support,” said Josh. “Also a massive thanks to Billabong and all the amazing sponsors for making this a reality.”

The World Record has yet to be officially approved by Guinness, as they will go through the event footage before making the official announcement, but it does seem like a done deal.

Josh before video – www.youtube.com/watch

Josh after video – www.youtube.com/watch