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6Participants of the 2015 Polish Surfing Challenge. Photo: Polish Surfing Association

This year’s Polish Surfing Challenge, the Polish championship in surfing, took off on Saturday September 5th, with 37 competitors in all. A spot near Jastrz?bia Góra received the best swell/wind combination and became the venue for the day’s events. The women’s comp and a juniors’ heat were ran, Karolina Wolinska, Agnieszka Piotrowska and Kasia Pajzderska taking the top three respectively in the women’s, while two highest scoring juniors – Kornel Ochrymowicz and Jakub Kuzia advanced through to the Open’s quarterfinals, Kornel the better man on the day.

On Sunday the waves died down, and with a better forecast for the beginning of the week competition was postponed.

IMG_1323 Photo: Polish Surfing Association

Monday Sep 7th greeted surfers with very rough seas, big stormy waves, strong cross-on turning to onshore winds and a devil of a side current. The tricky conditions prevailed throughout the rest of the competition, making it truly a Challenge and bringing on a few upsets along the way. Most notably the junior Jakub Kuzia advanced all the way to the final and gave a very strong performance with by far the biggest number of waves caught. The sixteen-year-old didn’t substitute quality for quantity, picking out some solid Baltic bombs from the overhead chop. It was Sta’s Labarthe who picked up the highest scoring two-wave combination though, securing himself the top spot, with Maciej Krystosiak in second and Jakub a very close third place.

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