2012 ISA World Bodyboard Championship

There will be one Gold Medal National Team. The 2013 WBC will kick take place in Venezuela.



2012 ISA World Bodyboard Championship

Margarita Island, Venezuela: November 24 – December 2

Host Organizer: Federación Venezolana de Surf
Sanctioned by the International Surfing Association


International Surfing Association (ISA) Federación Venezolana de Surf (FVS)
5580 La Jolla Blvd #145 Heli Valero
Tel: (858) 551-8580 General Coordinator
Fax: (858) 551-8563 Venezuela
Email: surf@isasurf.org Tel: 58-212-8839313 / 9288
Website: www.isasurf.org Email: venezuelaisawbg@gmail.com
Website: http://www.fvsurfing.org/

EVENT SCHEDULE   (Subject to change)

*Schedule is subject to change.  Contact the FES to schedule your registration appointment.

Wed, 22 Aug Registration Open for FULL TEAMS only (22-29 Aug, 2012); first come, first serve basis
Wed, 29 Aug Registration Open for PARTIAL and FULL Teams; first come, first serve basis
Thu, 22 Nov Arrivals and Team Registration
Fri, 23 Nov Arrivals and Team Registration
Sat, 24 Nov Parade of Nations and Opening Ceremony
Sun, 25 Nov Competition Begins
Sun, 2 Dec Finals and Closing Ceremony


Team confirmation, payment, seeded competitor lists and all documentation must be finalized with the ISA by close of registration on 23 July, 2012 at 3:00pm to participate in the 2012 ISA World Bodyboard Championship.

This event has a LIMIT ON THE NUMBER OF ATHLETES PERMITTED, so the ISA urges teams to finalize the complete team registration and payment as soon as possible (see “Registration Requirements” below).  Competitors will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.  Register today to confirm your registration.



  • 3 Open Men Bodyboard
  • 1 Open Women Bodyboard
  • 1 Under 18 Boys Bodyboard
  • 1 Under 18 Girls Bodyboard
  • 1 Drop Knee Open Bodyboard
  • Alternates, Team Officials and Team Supporters at the discretion of team management

* An Under 18 Division competitor may not turn 19 between January 1st and December 31st, 2012.


Due to the overwhelming popularity of the ISA World Bodyboard Championship, the ISA has implemented a registration schedule to allow FULL teams to confirm participation on a first come, first serve basis.  Full team registration will open (1) week prior to registration for both PARTIAL and FULL teams.

    • Full Teams include (7) athletes and at least (1) Team Official
    • Full Team registration is on a first come, first serve basis
  • Registration for PARTIAL and FULL Teams, begins 29 August, 2012
    • Remaining registrations will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis

The current rate for registration is USD$175 per registrant.  This rate is only available for all registration payments and documents received by the Event Host prior to the close of registration.  See the complete Registration Fee schedule below.

The benefits of registration include:

  1. Access to Official ISA Pre and Post Event Communications
  2. Invitations to Official Event Functions
  3. Official transportation as described below:
    • Lodging to/from Official Events and Meetings
    • Lodging to/from Contest Venue
  4. Participation in the Parade of Nations and Official Opening Ceremony
  5. Access to Team discounted rates for lodging, and food and airfare, if negotiated by the host organizer
  6. Official Event T-Shirt
  7. Official gift bag with Rulebook, Event Program, Sticker, Poster, etc.
  8. Access to Team Tents at Contest Venue
  9. Water and snacks at Contest Venue

The policy is to collect registration fees for all those officially associated with each team, as well as those who desire to obtain any of the registration benefits.  This includes all coaches, medical staff, translators, media, family members and friends who want VIP credentials.


  • Teams will pay USD$175 per registrant if fees are received by end of day on 13 November, 2012.
  • Teams will pay USD$200 per registrant if fees are received between 14-22 November, 2012.
  • Teams will pay USD$225 per registrant if fees are received onsite at event on 23 November, 2012.

The ISA will only accept USD$, or online payments through the ISA Store with credit card, during Team Registration and throughout the duration of the contest.  Please bring the correct amount.

Items to note: 

  • Registration fees will be charged to each team member, managers, coaches, translators, medical staff, media, supporters and additional parties.
  • All registrants must sign an Indemnity Form provided by the Event Host.
  • A surfer competing in more than one division is required to pay a Registration Fee for each division entered.
  • Alternates must be identified and paid for prior to close of registration to be eligible for participation in the contest.
  • Teams must register as a team, and have all the registration requirements collected and ready to hand over before their registration can begin


  • A nation will not be allowed to compete if it has any outstanding dues payable to the ISA. Contact ISA Operations Coordinator, Anne Tuite, at annetuite@isasurf.org to verify outstanding account balances.


Teams are highly encouraged to submit registration requirements to the Event Host at least 30 days prior to the event.  Please review the ISA’s registration requirements.

Submit to Event Host at least 30 days prior to the event:

  • Complete list of names of all participants.  For security purposes, the Event Host must receive the names and contact information of all athletes, coaches, managers, trainers, family and friends.  Athletes must be listed in seeded order.
  • Travel & Accommodation Information, including arrival and departure dates & times and lodging.
  • Athlete Bios to be used for media purposes.
  • Therapeutic Use Exemption forms.  These forms may be submitted via email or fax to the ISA HQ and are requested at least 30 days in advance of the contest.
  • Indemnity form for each registered team member AND ALL REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS.
  • Code of Conduct – forms must be completed and signed.
  • List of team email addresses 

Submit to Event Host during on-site Registration, (22 and 23 November):

  • Passports – All athletes’ nationality and ages must be confirmed. Actual passport and clear copies of passports must be provided at time of registration.
  • Sand – 2.5 liters of dry sand from the beaches of your country for the Sands of the World Ceremony.  Label the sand container with country and beach name.
  • National Flag
  • ISA Competitor Stickers and National Flag Stickers – The ISA requires all athletes to place the mandatory ISA Competitor and National Flag stickers on the top 1/3 of their board (back only) prior to entering the water for their heats.  ISA Competitor stickers will be distributed by the Beach Marshalls, and athletes are required to bring their own National Flag stickers to the event.


All team athletes must be present at time of registration for personal verification of their identity by ISA officials.  It is the Team Manager’s responsibility to ensure athletes are present during registration.  Please arrange accordingly, since athletes not present will not be registered and will not be allowed participation in the competition.  There shall be no exception to this requirement of physical attendance of competitors during registration of the team


The ISA will ONLY accept a valid passport from the country the athlete is representing as proof of nationality for participation in World Championship events.   The only exception is for National Identification cards issued by the National Government of the team country that clearly shows “Nationality or Citizenship.” Note: Such a card showing place of birth but not Nationality or Citizenship of the athlete, will not be accepted, as place of birth does not provide automatic citizenship in many countries.

The ISA will not accept any other form of government documentation supporting a passport or eligibility of passport to verify nationality.  This policy has been updated in the ISA rulebook.

Once a competitor has surfed for a country in any ISA event, he/she generally may not surf for another country at future ISA sanctioned International Events. If an athlete is allowed to represent a second nation based on the conditions set forth in Paragraph b of By-Laws to rule outlined below, he/she may not change back to representing his/her original country.  Special exemptions may be considered, however, after presentation to the Executive Committee at least three (3) months prior to the start of any ISA sanctioned event. Requests for exemption will only be considered if received in writing through the affiliated NGB to the Executive Committee via the ISA office, with certified copies of all relevant documentation (passport, letters from/to National Sports Organizations or Home Affairs Offices, etc) accompanying the representation.  *Please see the ISA rulebook for By-Laws.

Drug Testing
Drug Testing will follow the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) guidelines and will be conducted on or around the final day of competition.  All finalists plus three (3) random tests will be conducted. To check on the updated list of banned substances, go to the WADA website www.wada-ama.org.

If an athlete is required to take medication to treat an illness or condition which happens to fall under the Prohibited List, a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) may give that athlete the authorization to take the needed medicine. Please contact the ISA to submit all TUEs at least 30 days prior to the start of the competition.

Passports & Visas
Please check with your travel agent or your Foreign Affairs Department for requirements. The host has provided the following list of countries that DO NOT need a visa to enter Venezuela. http://www.mre.gov.ve/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2143&Itemid=194

Travel Vaccines
Please contact your Foreign affairs department for further information.

Travel Insurance
The ISA strongly recommends that each team procures travel insurance (including, but not limited to accident, liability and medical) for all of their participants.


Venezuela is located in the northern part of South America, bordered to the north by the Island of Puerto Rico, Brazil to the South, Guyuana to the east and Columbia to the west. It has the distinction of having access to both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, making its coast a paradise for locals and visitors. Venezuela has only two climate seasons per year, the rainy season (winter) and summer, but in the tropics short rainy periods can happen at any time during the year.

Venezuela has geographical areas with snow, deserts, jungles and beaches, making it a very attractive tourist destination. The warmth and friendliness of Venezuela are it’s greatest strenth of service to visitors. Bodyboarding in Venezuela has grown over the past 20 years to levels similar to surfing, making it easy to find as many Venezuelans bodyboarding as surfing in the beaches.

Oil in Venezuela is the engine that drives the domestic economy. With this commodity and its derivatives, today Venezuela is the fifth largest oil producer in the work, making it one of the most prosperous economies in the region.

Venezuela has several national festivals, among which are: “Las Fiestas de La Virgen del Valle,” “La feria de la Chinita,” “Las festividades de Nuestra Señora de Coromoto” o “Virfen de Coromoto,” “Los Carnavales de Carupano,” Semana Santa in Margarita Island, “La Feria del Sol,” and many more. All these events make Venezuela a place that must be experienced and enjoyed by Venezuelans and tourists alike.

Playa Parguito is anchored in the northeast of Margarita Island, boasting approximately 2,000 meters of white sand beaches lined with palm trees and the ocean’s waves (this side of the island receives swells from the Atlantic Ocean). It is the most famous bodyboarding beach in Venezuela, with international bodyboard competitions held here annually. Tourists visit this beach to watch the athletes perform maneuvers.

At certain times of the year, snorkeling can be done around the reefs found close to the break at Playa Parguito. Fishing and boating are additional attractions of this beach. It has many restaurants with local and international cuisines.

Using GPS:
Latitude: 11 ° 7842 ‘N
Longitude: 63 ° 50,637 W

Spanish is the official language of Venezuela, but as a tourist destination, many locals on Margarita Island speak and understand English.

The exchange rate is $1 USD = 4.3 BsF. Money can be exchanged at airports or banks.


Generally speaking, the average daytime high ranges from approximately 26°C to 32°C. Nighttime temperatures average between 22°C to 24°C. While there is some precipitation this time of year, Margarita Island is known for its high percentage of sunny days.


With its long coastline, Playa Parguito has different types of beach breaks, with the most famous, “La Poceta,” being the ideal place for bodyboarding. Waves can get up to six feet, with the average size around 3-4 feet. Water temperatures can exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit, so wetsuits are not needed.

From the end of October to the beginning of February, Playa Parguito is exposed to consistent swell, and organizers expect “La Poceta” to be breaking.


The event hosts recommend the following options for accommodations on Margarita Island close to the competition area:










Breakfast at restaurants close to Playa Parguito average around $10, and lunches aproximately $15.


To/From Airport:

The distance between Aeropuerto Internacional del Caribe Santiago Marino Airport and contest site is about 35 kilometers.

Transportation Costs To/From Airport:
Teams arranging their own transportation to/from the airport should expect costs such as:

  • TAXI: USD$35 during the day and USD$47 at night.

RENTAL CAR: The Event Host recommends the following rental car agencies on Margarita Island:



By Air

Fly to Caracas (CCS), which has direct flights from most major airports and then get a direct flight to Margarita Island’s airport, Aeropuerto Internacional del Caribe Santiago Marino (PVS).


The media exposure this contest can provide you, your NGB, and your athletes is absolutely priceless.   Please submit a list of key media contacts in your region to the ISA so that they may receive ISA press releases. We also ask that you forward local media coverage before and after the event to the ISA so we may use it to promote surfing worldwide.  Please contact Pablo Zanocchi at pablo@isasurf.org.


IMPORTANT – A nation will not be allowed to compete if it has any outstanding dues payable to the ISA.

For Credit Card payments, pay through the ISA Store on the ISA website, www.isasurf.org – “ISA Event Registration Fee”.

For Onsite payment, the ISA will only accept US Dollars.

For Wire transfers, please contact the ISA for details.


ISA World Bodyboard Championship


We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.