New ISA Level 1 Flat Water SUP Coaching Course in Turkey

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Another sucessful Level 1 ISA Coaching and Instructing Program Course took place last weekend in Turkey. The course was taken by the Alanya Surf Team, a group of motivated surfers, led by Gokce Aydogan, who see the potential of surf tourism in Turkey.


Turkey has three main surfing regions. The west coast below Istanbul has some waves but it’s very consistent. The Black Sea Coast, around Istanbul and going east is very big and consistent with some quality waves, maybe the best ones in the country, but with difficult access and cold waters. And the south coast where Alanya is located facing Cyprus Island, which is consistent for Mediterranean standards and the water is warmer.

ISA Coaching Course presenter Marcos Conde said: “Alanya is full of Scandinavian, Germans, Russians, and Turkish tourists. With thousands of years of existence, Alanya has a mix history with beach lifestyle, international culture from tourism and Mosques of their predominant religion. It was the first time I surfed while they were praying and I could hear the mosque’s call to prayer from the water.”

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