Meet Gonzalo Nicolas Torres Ramos, Two-Time ISA Scholarship Winner

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Gonzalo Nicolas Torres Ramos is an eleven-year-old surfer from Peru. Despite being born with a disability that made one of his legs shorter than the other that affects his balance, Gonzalo was able to learn how to surf and even compete in contests.

photo 2[7]Gonzalo approached ISA President Fernando Aguerre at the ISA 50th Anniversary World Surfing Games in Peru, and had the opportunity to personally thank him for the ISA Scholarship. Aguerre was touched and inspired to meet Gonzalito and see the effects of the ISA Scholarship Program in person.

Gonzalo is a two-time ISA Scholarship Winner. In 2013 he was awarded the ISA President’s Award, which paid for him to get surgery on his femur that has allowed him to continue to pursue Surfing, and in 2014 he won his second ISA Scholarship.

In Gonzalo’s application he said, “With the help that [the ISA] will offer me I will be able to recover from my operation and I’ll be able to concentrate more in my discipline of Surfing.”

gonzalo-2-1024x678Gonzalo riding a wave at his home break of Punta Rocas, Peru.

The opportunity to learn how to surf was presented to Gonzalo by the Surfing and SUP classes that are offered by the Municipality of Punta Negra, Gonzalo’s hometown, and Peruvian surf coach Jose “Jarita” Gomez. Gonzalo has not only learned how to surf but he has also been placing high in contests.

gonzalo-teamStudents of the surf class offered by the Municipality of Punta Rocas and coach Jose “Jarita” Gomez