Meet Esther Teah – 2014 ISA Scholarship Winner from Liberia

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Esther Teah is a 16-year-old Liberian surfer. She is a great ambassador for women surfers in Liberia, and Africa in general. She is the current Liberian Women’s Champion and has held the title for two years. In last year’s Liberian National Surfing Championship she upped the ante on what women in Liberia could be doing when she caught open face set waves out the back and rode them all the way to the beach; the packed beach went ballistic while the women, more importantly Esther, stole the show from the men. In her essay in the ISA Scholarship Program application, Esther wrote, “Surfing has changed my life and I hope it will bring me more opportunities in the future to travel and surf nationwide.”

woman surfer, Esther Teah, on wave in Liberia

Liberia’s 2014 ISA Scholarship winner, Esther Teah.

Even with this love for surfing, Esther puts her education first. Since her parents passed in 2003, her brother, a local fisherman, supports the both of them. Esther hopes to continue her education, finishing high school and going to university so she can one day help her brother and give back to the local surf club. This scholarship will help with her tuition fees, as well as, obtaining better surfing equipment she may call her own.

Liberia surf

The empty waves of Liberia see some epic sets.