Meet Bianca Schipani, 2014 ISA Scholarship Winner from Argentina

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Bianca Schipani is a 14-year-old surfer from Mar del Plata Argentina. She was selected as the winner of a 2014 ISA Scholarship that is allowing her to grow as a surfer and a person.


Bianca just started surfing in 2012, but has progressed quickly and is already riding waves up to 3 meters. Upon learning how to surf, Bianca’s life transformed. She now designs her school schedule to allow her to surf in the afternoons.

Along with the joy that Surfing brings, Bianca has also discovered how financially demanding it can be to buy all of the necessary equipment to surf, especially in the cold, winter waters of Mar del Plata.

With the ISA Scholarship money, Bianca has been able to pay for a new surfboard, surfing equipment, booties, gloves, training sessions, a surf trip to Brazil and English classes. Thanks to the ISA support, Bianca will be able to pursue her dreams of being selected to the Argentinian National Surfing Team, competing in World Surfing Championships, and being the first girl of her age in Mar del Plata to land an air.

16778_615579531912383_1938323090819796574_nizq cerrando[2]Bianca practicing her technique on a surf trip in Brazil. Photo: Sandra Puente

Bianca went on her ISA sponsored surf trip to Florianopolis, Brazil in April, to attend a Surfing 4 Peace event. The event was a cultural exchange of surfers from all around the globe to promote values such as peace and respect. Bianca joined surfers from Israel, Palestine, Europe and Latin America to share waves and the love of Surfing with the ultimate goal of breaking down cultural barriers. Bianca not only improved her Surfing skills on this trip, but also expanded her global awareness.

10421401_454369904711882_5836388960343083474_n (1)[2]Bianca represented Argentina at the Surfing 4 Peace cultural exchange
in Brazil. 

All the hard work and travel has paid off for Bianca, as she won the Women’s 16 and Under Division in the 2015 Billabong Pro Miramar in Miramar, Argentina.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.56.32 AMBianca competing in a contest.

Bianca5Bianca surfing in Argentina.