Local Surfers and Members of the Chinese National Surf Team Take ISA Course in Shenzen, China

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Eighteen soon to be ISA Surf instructors from China.

A clean summer monsoon swell welcomed the first ISA Surf Level 1 Course held in Xichong Beach, near Shenzhen in southern China. Eighteen brand new instructors will soon be officially admitted into the ISA family after successfully taking part in the 2 day course held by Nik Zanella ISA Course Presenter for China.

Nik Zanella said: 

“I have wanted to run an ISA surf training in this area for at least 3 years. Beaches like Xichong are the future of Chinese Surfing because they put big-town residents in contact with beach-culture. While the ISA course was intense, it was a great success. I am confident that the ISA instructor courses will contribute to a much safer environment for Chinese locals to learn Surfing.”

ISA Course Presenter Nik Zanella instructs the Chinese course participants.


Instructing the course participants on board rescue techniques.

During the course the waves were perfect for the scope with belly to shoulder high peaks. Not surprisingly, almost half of the Chinese national surf team is from this surf area and constantly training on Guangdong’s beach-breaks and pointbreaks. Three of the Chinese National Team Members, Yang Xue, Liang Shao and Xiao Cheng, took part in this ISA Course and they will soon be officially declared ISA coaches.

 A big thank you to the local surfers and to all the surf clubs who contributed to the success of this initiative.

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