ISA Surf Level One Instructor Course Held in the Maldives

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ISA course presenter for the Maldives, Dara Ahmed of Atoll Adventures, ran an ISA Surf Level One Instructor Course in the Maldives over the weekend. The course, which was run together with long time ISA presenter Mal Gregson, was successfully carried out at Coke’s Surf Camp in the Maldives with 12 attendees. The Perfect Wave Surf Experience is leading the way by certifying instructors in the Maldives at the ISA standard.

As the international federation, recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the sport of Surfing, SUP, and all other wave riding activities, the ISA proudly presents the proper development pathway for Educational Programs in the sport of Surfing and SUP. Each of these participating surf instructors will receive an internationally recognized ISA Surf Instructor Certification which will allow them to instruct Surfing at the ISA standard of safety and quality.

To see the full ISA course schedule please view the ISA course schedule here.

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