Kids Surf Frenzy will take place on 7 september in Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands

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The KIDS SURF FRENZY is an open surf contest where fun comes first. The contest is organized by a group of enthusiastic fathers (surfkids ‘s:D) in collaboration with Surf benelux and Ozlines and is meant for surfers under 18 years of age.

There will be fought in 4 age categories;

-Under 12 years;
-Under 14 years of age;
-Under 16 years of age;
-Under 18 years of age.

Guys and girls surf through each other there is chosen for the Surffrenzy format where 10 surfers, 30 minutes surfing against each other and where the best 3 waves count.

In this event is fun comes first so even though you have never participated in a competition we see you like in the water.

After the game there is a party with BBQ and raffle.

Entry fee for the event is € 12.50 (to be paid on the day).

You can via the KIDS SURF FRENZY Facebookpage sign up for the event.