ISA Coaching and Judging Program Courses in Chile Surf Festival 2013

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Chile is hosting a new ISA Coaching & Instructing and Judging & Officiating Program Courses from October 29 to November 2 in the world famous Pichilemu, Chile.

Course presenter Juan Pablo “Mono” Barrientos stated:

“It´s my honor to present the Chile Surf Festival 2013 held in the beautiful and waves paradise of Pichilemu, located 3 hours south west from the capital city of Santiago.

Pichilemu means small forrest in the native ¨Mapudungun¨, the language of the Mapuches, Chile’s pure race of never defeated indigenous people.

From October 29 to November 2, this amazing town will be the epicenter of chilean surfing. Two ISA programs will be offered;  judging with Gaetano ¨Nino¨ Lauro (Perú), Instructor course level 1 with me, Juan Pablo Barrientos (Chile) and Coaching Level 2, with Jamo Borthwick (Australia).

On behalf of Jamo, Nino and meyself, we are happy to present the courses and bring the incredible country of Chile a better surfing future.

Thanks to the ISA, for giving us the opportunity to make this possible.”

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