ISA/FISW Surf and Flat Water Sup Courses In Rome, Italy

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An unparalleled location and a good west swell greeted the ISA Surf Level 1 and Flat Water SUP courses held in Rome from March 14-17. The venue was excellent; the Italian Federation FISW operates inside Scuola dello Sport (School of Sport), a historic institution founded in 1966 where the coaches of the National Olympic Committee (CONI) have historically been trained.


26 Italians participate in the first ISA courses held in Italy under FISW. Photo: FISW

The course was held over four consecutive days and integrated the classic ISA modules with highly informative lessons on athletic management, pedagogic competencies, and sport-related communication techniques, with the useful compliance of sports professors who delivered the academic lessons.

“The Olympic Games of 2020 are a great chance for our sport,” commented general secretary Alessandro Vanoi in his opening speech. “We want to make sure that Italy takes full advantage of (the Olympics) by giving our instructors all the knowledge and technical support they need from the beginning.”


SUP Flatwater training in the Mediterranean. Photo: FISW

A total of 27 enthusiastic trainees enrolled in the course, coming from the four corners of the country. The ISA itself had reserved some of its most prestigious presenters for this historical course, led by New Zealand’s Andy Joyce and Italy’s Nik Zanella, currently the head coach of the Chinese National Surfing Team. A perfect schedule and logistics organized by the Sport Director of Surfing FISW, Mirco Babini, were appreciated by all the attendees.

FISW and ISA are organizing more high-quality events in Italy later in the year, starting from a Surf, SUP and Lifesaving (ILS) training scheduled on May 22-26, at Sport of School CONI in Rome.


ISA Course Presenter Nik Zanella gives instruction to course participants. Photo: FISW