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Great Waves And Amazing Performances Continue on Day 3 of Competition In Playa Parguito

The 2013 ISA World Bodyboard Champions will be crowned on Wednesday. All of the Individual and Team Gold Medals, plus the ISA Aloha Cup will be decided on the Final Day of competition.

In an electrifying Day of competition, the first finalists have been confirmed in both the Qualifying and Repechage rounds. The first and second place athletes in the Repechage Final will advance to the Grand Final in their respective divisions.

Costa Rica’s William Fallas along with Jose Manuel Henriquez from Dominican Republic have advanced to the Dropknee Grand Final. Photo: ISA/Ortega

Wave conditions at the Beach Break of Playa Parguito were in the of 3-4 feet range, allowing the world’s best bodyboarders to perform a variety of maneuvers. The morning heats, when conditions were ideal, allowed the athletes to demonstrate their high level of skills and technique, resulting in high scores.

In Open Men’s, Venezuela’s Enyer Moncada and Chile’s Gabriel Brantes have secured a medal for their country, advancing directly to the Grand Final. Moncada earned the highest score of the heat, 15.10, defeating Barrantes (11.93), who advanced in the second place, sending to the Repechage the Brazilians Eder Luciano (BRA, 11.57) and Roberto Bruno (7.10).

Venezuela’s Glorielys Oropeza advanced to the Junior U-18 Girls Grand Final, where she will duel Chile’s Catalina Hernández for the Gold Medal. Photo: ISA/Rivero

The first and second place finishers from the Repechage Final between Sergio Alonzo (VEN), Eder Luciano (BRA), Leoylan Montesinos (VEN) and Roberto Bruno (BRA) will join Mondaca and Barrantes in the Grand Final.

Local Sergio Alonzo put on a great show and earned a total score 13.66, advancing to the Repechage Final. He defeated his teammate Leoylan Montesinos (12.50), and sent home Sergio Luis (BRA, 10.24) and Alan Muñoz (CHI, 9.17).

In Open Women’s, Neymara Carvalho (BRA, 11.57), Giselle Caselli (CHI, 9.53), Lumar Guittard (VEN, 8.46) and Luz Marie Grande (PRI, 0.00), are the Grand Finalists, and will compete for the Gold Medal, after the elimination of Shamoby Offer (CRI, 5.33).

In Junior U-18 Boys, Luis Briceño (VEN, 12.93), Marcyus Thompson (BRA, 12.50), Jefferson Bustos (CRI, 11.53) and Gonzalo Espinoza (CHI, 8.73) advanced to the Grand Final, and will compete for the Gold Medal, after the elimination of Santiago Martínez (ARG, 8.03).

In the Junior Girls U-18, Catalina Hernández (CHI, 8.27) and Glorielys Oropeza (VEN, 3.83), advanced to the Grand Final where they will duel for the Gold Medal.

In Dropknee, Costa Rica’s William Fallas (10.67) and Jose Manuel Henriquez (DOM, 8.47), advanced to the Grand Final defeating Renato Almeida (BRA, 6.37) and Jorge Pulmon (ECU, 4.10), who are now out of the competition. Fallas and Henriquez will join Luis Rodriguez (VEN) and Renato Arellano (CHI) in the Grand Final.

The exciting Final of the ISA Aloha Cup, a tag-team relay competition, will take place on the Final Day of the ISA WBC. Four athletes will form each team, and each athlete has to surf 3 waves in a 60 minute Heat.

The participant Teams of the ISA Aloha Cup Grand Final are Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica and Venezuela, and it will take place at 11.40am (local time).

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Team Standing after Day 3 of competition:

1- Venezuela-11,760

2- Chile-10,009

3- Brazil-9,855

4- Costa Rica-6735

5- Dominican Republic -4,909

6- Argentina-4,813

7- Ecuador-1,933

8- Morocco-1,500

9- Puerto Rico-1,000

The Final Day of the 2013 ISA World Bodyboard Championship will resume Wednesday, at 9:00am (local time) in Parguito Beach.

The competition will feature:

Open Men’s Repechage Final

Junior Girls U-18 Final

Junior Boys U-18 Final

Dropknee Final

Open Women’s Final

Open Men’s Final

Aloha Cup Final

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