ISA Women’s Judging Program Application

The International Surfing Association (ISA) successfully delivered the 2020 Women’s Judging Program to train and develop female surf judges from around the world. 127 Women from 34 countries participated and you can VIEW MORE HERE

The ISA Women’s Judging Program ran from December 1-3, 2020 for women from around the world to develop women’s surf judging.

The extended virtual program was presented by ISA Technical Director Erik Krammer in collaboration with Tory Gilkerson, the ISA’s leading female judge in the world and only woman on the Olympic Judging Panel. The course included technical judging details from the ISA Judging and Officiating Course with additional information and topics covered by Erik, Tori and the ISA.

The ISA has identified the need to increase the number of female technical officials worldwide and is taking steps in this direction. Following completion of this program and further evaluation, the ISA will identify candidates for consideration in future development opportunities, such as shadow judging/spotting at ISA events, with a goal of future inclusion on ISA Judging panels during ISA World Championship events.