ISA Surfing, SUP and Water Safety Courses a Success in Italy

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On April 3-6, 2019, 37 instructors from across Italy took part in an ISA Surf and SUP Coaching and Instructing Program organized by the ISA’s National Federation in Italy, the Italian Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (FISW). The program included the ISA Surf Level 1, ISA Flat Water SUP, and ISA/ILS Water Safety Courses which were presented by ISA Course Presenter Nik Zanella, Alessandro Staffa, Roberto Domenichini, and ISA/ILS Course presenter Nicolò Di Tullio.

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37 Italian instructors stoked on the result of the courses.

The course, divided into three different modules, included a special module from the Italian National Olympic Committee which was delivered by Professor Claudio Mantovani and Professor Felice Romano from the Italian“Scuola dello Sport” (SDS). FISW General Sports Director, Alessandro Vanio also held a lecture for the instructors during the course.

The theoretical lessons of the courses were held at the Italian Olympic Committee facilities in Rome. These followed the European Qualification Framework (EQF) guidelines and included workshops covering Surf and SUP coaching, practical skills, ISA/ILS water safety, communication, and lesson planning and delivery. The instructors completed the practical portion of the course in a Federal Surf Center on the beach in Fregene, Rome with enjoyable waves.

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ISA/ILS Water Safety Course.

The variety of topics and disciplines in the course captured the attention of the participants. Given the importance that the FISW attributes to the training of Surf Coaches and Instructors and growth of this sport in Italy, the students had the honor of an official visit of the President Luciano Serafica and Vice President Claudio Ponzani during the course.

The next ISA/FISW/SDS L1 Course is scheduled from 21 to 25 May while the ISA SURF L2 course is scheduled for the first week of October. More info on www.surfingfisw.com/formazione.

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The Italian National Olympic Committee hosted the theoretical portions of the courses.