ISA SUP Courses Launch In Brazil

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Roberto Moretto, the official ISA SUP Presenter in Brazil, and the Brazilian Surf Confederation held its first ISA Flat Water SUP Course in Praia de Pipa, Brazil on March 28th and 29th. The turn-out was great for the first ever ISA SUP course held in Brazil, proof that demand for SUP instructors is rapidly spreading to all corners of the world.

11113771_931266286905656_4791762286777680172_nPhoto: Roberto Moretto

ISA Educational Courses present the proper development pathway in the sports of SUP and Surfing. The ISA is recognized the the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the sole International Federation for the sport of Surfing, SUP, and all other wave riding activities. All of the Brazilian participants in the SUP Flat Water Course will receive ISA Certifications to teach SUP.

The course was presented by Roberto Moretto, the Oficial ISA SUP Course Presenter in Brazil, along with instructor Paulo Vasco. The next ISA Flat Water SUP Course will be held April 29 and 30 in Fortaleza. To see the full ISA course schedule please view the ISA course schedule here.

11074439_931265526905732_1871770527592852771_nPhoto: Roberto Moretto

11115786_931266133572338_4375239582883134081_nPhoto: Roberto Moretto

10986681_931264643572487_3851410197016591430_nPhoto: Roberto Moretto