ISA SUP Courses Continue to Gain Traction in Italy

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After the positive and convincing performance of the Italian team at the latest ISA World Sup and Paddleboard Championship in Mexico, FISURF (Federazione Italiana Surf) put another brick in the building of a stronger Italian’s SUP scene, with the second ISA Flat Water course. The course, held in Forte dei Marmi May 24th – 25th, was the second ISA Flat Water SUP Course of 2015 and was attended by people from all over Italy.

the Group[2]Italian participants of the recent ISA SUP Flat Water Course pose for a group photo in Forte dei Marmi. Photo: Alessandro Dini

“The sport of SUP is definitely booming,” says Alessandro Dini, ISA Course Presenter in Italy. “All the courses held March and April exceeded the suggested number of participants. Nevertheless, in accordance with the Federation, we decided to organize an additional ISA SUP Flat Water Course to satisfy the growing request from the affiliated clubs and surf schools.”

Workshop on landCourse participants learn from Course Presenter, Alessandro Dini, in the land segment of the course. Photo: Alessandro Dini

The ISA courses will be put on hold for the summer due to the costs of hotels transportation. They will restart next fall with the SUP Flat Water Course (September 17th-18th) and the Surf Level 1 Course (September 19th-20th), both near Rome.

Workshop in the waterThe course shifts to the ocean, where participants learn proper technique. Photo: Alessandro Dini