ISA Solidarity Fund Uplifts Communities around the Globe

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The International Surfing Association (ISA) has been proud to receive reports from around the world of the positive impacts that its Solidarity Fund has had on communities that it aimed to support. 

The Surfers Kids Program of Great Brak, South Africa was one of the many initiatives reached by the ISA Solidarity Fund.

The Surfers Kids Program of Great Brak, South Africa was one of the many initiatives reached by the ISA Solidarity Fund.

With the support of the ISA Solidarity Fund, positive stories have emerged from challenging situations across four continents, such as food supplied to families who had lost their income during the pandemic, private tutoring and classes for students who had been unable to attend classes due to school closures, and support for programs that help marginalized children gain access to surfing and education. 

See the details of each project below.

In October of last year, the ISA announced that 11 National Federations had been selected to distribute USD $35,000 in financial support to fund projects within communities that had been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The National Federations selected were Afghanistan, Angola, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Fiji, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, and Venezuela. 

ISA President Fernando Aguerre said: 

“Receiving these encouraging stories of how our solidarity program has been having real impact across the globe is a source of pride and emotion for us.

“These surfing communities, no matter the size, are the backbone of our sport and they embody our mission to make the world a better place through surfing. In these challenging times, when we saw the financial effects of the global health crisis, we felt it was our duty to do what we could to help our ISA family. 

“The pandemic may have kept us all apart physically, but it has highlighted our global, human connection through the common love of the ocean. There have been so many inspiring, selfless stories of people looking out for each other. We are happy to continue to play a positive role in those efforts.”

CRC Report- 2020 ISA Surfing Solidarity Report Form_Page_13

Costa Rica 

In Costa Rica, the Costa Rican Surfing Federation distributed essential items to families in coastal communities. 80 supply packages were delivered to families in the provinces of Puntarenas, Limón, and Guanacaste, impacting a total of roughly 450 people. Pictured, Greivin Suárez Ortega receives his supplies in Puntarenas.

ECU Report- 2020 ISA Surfing Solidarity Report Form_Page_007


In Ecuador, the Ecuadorean Surfing Federation distributed 125 packages of supplies and food, each weighing 52 kilograms, to families in the heavily Covid-19 impacted areas of Mompiche, Engabao, Salinas, Playas, Canoa, Manta, Santa Elena, and Montañita. Pictured, surfers from Manta receive their supplies.


El Salvador

In El Salvador, the El Salvadorean Surfing Federation provided scholarships to 21 athletes training for their national surfing teams. Each athlete was awarded USD $42/month for four months. In addition to the pandemic, El Salvador also experienced a strong storm that caused great damage in the coastal communities. These scholarships were able to help these surfers support their families and continue to pursue surfing on their country’s national team. 

Bryan Perez (pictured), a Lima 2019 Pan Am Medalist, was among the recipients of the scholarship created from the solidarity fund.

Take Off 4 Senegal


In the wake of the pandemic in March 2020, all schools were closed in Senegal. Unfortunately, many students were unable to continue their education when an online alternative was not offered. As a result, the Senegalese Surfing Federation used the solidarity funds to arrange for private tutoring and “catch-up” classes for students that had fallen behind while schools were closed. Thus far, 24 students have received a combined 1,500 hours of private lessons.

Pictured, Senegalese students attend classes to get caught up on missed material.

RSA Edit

South Africa

With the support of Surfing South Africa, solidarity funds were distributed to a great range of causes around the country that included supporting marginalized coastal communities, mentoring, educating, and feeding young surfers, and promoting youth uplift programs to keep kids off the streets.

Pictured, members of Local Surf Lounge Academy of Muizenberg give their thanks for funding their mission of coaching, mentoring and caring for surfing youth.



In Venezuela, the Venezuelan Surfing Federation distributed food, supplies, and medicine to surfers and families in need. In addition, the federation donated ocean rescue gear to lifeguards, set up plastic recycling drop-offs, and supported the ‘Donate a Board’ campaign to introduce young girls and boys to surfing. Thus far, they have been able to reach 600 people who were in need.

Pictured, a family receives supplies in the coastal community of La Guaira.

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