Thank You ISA: Words from ISA Scholarship Winner Paul Sampson Chudleigh

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ISA Scholarship Winner Paul Sampson Chudleigh  Robbie Irlam

2016 ISA Scholarship winner from South Africa, Paul Sampson Chudleigh. Photo: Robbie Irlam

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Paul Sampson Chudleigh is one of the 2016 ISA Scholarship winners from South Africa. Paul went through a rough period in life, living on the streets and losing his mother when he was 11. However, the first time that Paul tried Surfing, he immediately knew that it would change his life forever. Paul said Surfing made him feel free and from that moment he knew that he wanted to surf as much as possible. After losing his mother, Paul was adopted by a family full of avid surfers that gave him motivation to keep surfing and enrolled him in home school. Paul said, “They made me part of their family and told me that I now have a home forever.”

Here is Paul’s thank you letter to the ISA:

Hi my name is Paul, and this is a letter to thank the International Surfing Association for choosing me to join their scholarship program.

I’d like to thank everyone involved in the ISA, for this support, it’s not often people get chances like these. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to surf and travel to more surf competitions and have a little help with my schooling.

ISA is giving people all over the world a fresh start at helping them achieve their dreams. I am so grateful I was chosen to be one of them.

I want to thank Robin de Kock (General Manager of Surfing South Africa) also, because Robin is always there to help anybody in need. I’m so grateful because Robin has been helping me for a long time, and always does as much as he can.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that has been done for me and everyone else that has been helped throughout the years. I’ll never forget it.

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ISA Scholarship Winner Paul Sampson Chudleigh  Ryan Janssens

Photo: Ryan Janssens