ISA Runs First-Ever Courses in Romania

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In August 2018, the first ever ISA Courses were conducted in the Black Sea in Constanta, Romania furthering the ISA’s development reach for the sport of Surfing.

ISA Course Presenter from the Netherlands, Hans Van Den Broek, presented the ISA Surf Level 1 and ISA/ILS Water Safety Course for five new surf instructors in Romania. At this point in time there is not an ISA Member Federation in Romania, but the hope is that by certifying instructors at the international standard, the sport of Surfing will continue to grow in the country in the future.


Five Romanian instructors participate in the first ISA Surf Level 1 Course in the country. Photo: Tatiana Rosca


Photo: Tatiana Rosca


The course instructors then shifted over to the ISA/ILS Water Safety Course, taking steps to make the sea a safer place in Romania. Photo: Tatiana Rosca

These surf instructors were also trained in important water safety techniques, ocean rescue, and basic CPR during the ISA/ILS Water Safety Course which will equip the local surf instructors to make the surf environment in Romania a safer place.

Local Surfer and Course Organizer Mihai Ghita said:

“The ISA Courses were a great experience for all of us. Not only that we’ve learned the proper method to teach surfing, but we’ve also learned how to react and respond if something goes wrong and more importantly how to save someone’s life from drowning. Thank you to the ISA for the opportunity and we hope for a stronger development in the sport of surfing in Romania moving forward.”


Going for a surf on the Black Sea. Photo: Tatiana Rosca

Photo: Tatiana Rosca

Photo: Tatiana Rosca