ISA Educational Courses Continue with Success in Russia

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Just two months ago, a successful ISA SUP Flat Water course was held in Russia. The Russian Surfing Federation kept its momentum and organized a Surf L1 course the last weekend of September.

Schermata 2015-09-29 a 14.54.20Course participants on the Surf Level 1 Course held on Lake Ladoga in Russia. Photo: Schermata

The course was supposed to be held on Finland Sea, in the most popular surf spot around St. Petersburg, but as it was completely flat and the place is very isolated, with no facilities for participants, the Russian Surfing Federation decided to move it on the biggest European Lake, Ladoga (which also can produce some nice waves).

So once again I (Alessandro Dini) was driving on the Road of Life, where during the second world war thousands of people lost their lives trying to break the Nazi’s siege of St. Petersburg. I left Italy a little weary to find very cold conditions that are common at the end of September. At this time of year you can even have snow on the river of Ladoga Lake.

Schermata 2015-09-29 a 14.53.56Braving the cold conditions, the participants learn proper surf instruction technique.
Photo: Schermata

Sergey Rasshivaev, President of the Russian Surfing federation, supported by the Secretary, Eugene Rezentov, welcomed the 17 participants that arrived from St. Petersburg, Moskow, Tula and even from Vladivostok, near Japan… about 10.000 km away! The unusually nice weather and the excitement of the participants created a very friendly atmosphere, followed by a Russian style dinner and a “after dinner” sauna.

Schermata 2015-09-29 a 14.53.20After the course, the newly certified surf instructors were treated to a Russian style dinner.
Photo: Schermata

With the Surf L1 course, the Russian Surfing Federation set the fundamentals for a healthy growth of the sports of Surfing and StandUp Paddle. According to Sergey Rasshivaev, next step will be the ISA Judging Course L1.