ISA Coaching & Instructing Level 1 Course took place in Italy

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Last weekend ISA Coaching Course Presenter, Alessandro Dini, hosted a Coaching and Instructing Surf Level 1 Course, in Forte dei Marmi, Italy (12 km north of Viareggio). 19 surfers participated in the ISA Coaching and Instructing Level 1 Course, with great conditions: Sunny day, water temperature 21°, and most important, 2-3 feet waves.

The following is Alessandro’s story of this special day:

The highlight of the course was the participation of Massimiliano Mattei, a paraplegic surfer from Livorno who had a bike accident in the Philippines, 5 years ago.

Despite his terrible incident, Massimiliano didn’t lose his passion for surfing.

He worked closely with a local shaper to build an adapted surfboard (see in the photo below), which allowed him to go back in the water and surf. Massimiliano’s experience is a big value both for FISURF (Italian Surfing Federation) and for myself as the ISA Presenter, and I would like him to work closely with me to help other disabled surfers to surf.

Last summer Massimiliano organized “A Day With… Surf Insieme” (see in the photo below) dedicated to disabled surfers. I proposed him a similar event in my area for next summer.

Massimiliano would love to be an ISA Instructor (just as il Pirata in Brazil) working closely to other Italian ISA Instructors to help disabled surfers.