ISA Coaching and Instructing Level 1 Course in Rome, Italy

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Italy held another succesful ISA Coaching and Instructing Level 1 Course this past weekend. Read Alessandro Dini’s, ISA Course Presenter, report below:

The four days in Rome started on thursday 7th with the Course Surf L1. The 13 participants enjoyed the hot wind from south-east and the choppy 2-3 feet swell, which anticipated the huge wind storm predicted for the weekend.

Cecilia Pescatori Italian Woman SUP Race Champion 2013

The Course was held at the Marina Village Academy, benchmark for the many old sea dogs (surfers, windsurfers, kitesurfers) of the roman coastline. The nice weather allowed me to alternate lessons in the classroom and practical exercises on the beach and on the waves.

The situation changed dramatically on Saturday with the start of the course SUP (surf) when the gentle swell of the morning (which gave us anyway the chance to assess the practical level of the participants, who spent four hours paddling in the water), turned at lunchtime in one of what I believe will be remembered as one of the biggest storm of the last years, generating waves over 6 meters in Sardinia Islands and major damages along the entire west cost of Italy.

In spite of the bad conditions, the course was brilliantly conducted by my main SUP collaborators Franco Piccioni and Roberto Domenichini (also president of Italian SUP Association). Present at the course (both Surf L1 and Sup Surf) was also Cecilia Pescatori, the new Italian Woman SUP Race Champion.

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