International Surfing Day and the Big Milly’s surf cup in Ghana, 16 – 18th June 2017

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June 17, 2017 marks the 13th annual International Surfing Day (ISD). Each year celebrations take place across the globe in more than 30 countries featuring surf contests, barbecues, film screenings and other surf-related activities. In addition to celebrating the sport and lifestyle of surfing, participants also give back to our ocean, waves and beaches by organizing beach cleanups, habitat restoration and other acts promoting coastal protection.

Ghana will once again be participating in this great annual event. For the 3rd year running, Surf Star Ghana and Mr Brights surf shop will be hosting a surfing weekend end based from the famous Big Milly’s Backyard, Kokrobite.

During the weekend we will be hosting the Big Milly’s surf cup. Surfers will be participating to be crowned this year’s surfing champions, 50 surfers from around 20 nations will be competing in the event.

The surfing event will have 3 categories, seniors, juniors and ladies. The event is open to all; whether you want to compete or just come down and support the surfers everyone is welcome.

Also this year for the entire week of 12th- 18th June there will be beach cleaning initiative supported by JSO waste management and the local community of Kokrobite to keep Ghana’s premier tourist beach location in pristine condition. There will also be live music, Dj’s, surf movie screenings, beach boxing and a bazar to be held at the Kokrobite gardens with shopping and fun activities for family and children.

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We hope to see you on the beach.