International Judging and Officiating Program Opens Asian Surfing Development Symposium in Bali

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July 1, 2013, Kuta, Bali:  The first day of the inaugural Asian Surfing Development Symposium presented by the International Surfing Association and the Asian Surfing Championships got underway today with 25 individuals from Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, the Maldives, the Philippines, Uruguay and Singapore joining the International Judging and Officiating Program taught by Mr. Glen Elliott from Australia.

Judging and Officiating Program course.

The participants, all surfers whose experience levels range from surfing in competitions to actually judging ASP star-rated events, were taken through almost 7 hours of intensive instruction today, where they first reviewed the basics and then were taken through detailed instruction and analysis using video, whiteboard and reference manuals by Elliott, who is an ASP Australiasian Head Judge and ISA Judging Advisor.

The ISA Judging & Officiating Development Program is a comprehensive educational program that has been identified by leading sporting organizations as the worlds’ best educational practice in the development of quality accredited surfing officials, endorsed by the International Surfing Association and recognized by the Association of Surfing Professionals and the International Olympic Committee.

Australian expat Murray Close was delighted to have the chance to update his skills, having judged ASP events in Australia in the past.  “It’s been several years since I took any brush up courses, so it’s giving me a refreshing new outlook on my judging,” said Close.  “The criteria is always changing as the sport progresses, so it’s important to stay up to date with in order to be effective. I’m very happy to have this chance to take the course, as I’m getting back into judging here in Bali with at ASC events, so want to be in top form,” he concluded.

Patricia Diaz from Uruguay has never taken a formal judging course before, having only helped judge at kid’s surfing events in the past.  “I’ve been wanting to take a judging course for awhile now,” said Diaz.  “I just missed taking a course back at home last year, only by a couple of days, so when I friend told me about this course here in Bali I immediately signed up.  I’m really passionate about surfing, as I want to coach surfing and maybe make a career out of surfing, and judging is part of it.”

When asked what was the most valuable thing she learned on her first day she replied, “I found out that I didn’t understand the interference rule, which is quite an important thing to understand.  I also found that its very hard to be a good judge, as you have to have an super good memory to remember each wave and score and compare them, all while under pressure!” she explained.

Tomorrow will see the continuation and completion of the Judging and Officiating classroom session, with the practical judging sessions scheduled to take place at Balangan Beach on July 4-5 during the upcoming ASC sanctioned 6 star Billabong Pro surfing competition.

These practical sessions at an Asian Surfing Championship event will allow each participant to complete the required 20 hours practical judging component for a Level 2 qualification and gain all important event experience under the guidance of an international Head Judge.

Wednesday will be full day of seminars for those involved in creating and running surf events as well as are interested in joining the International Surfing Association as National Governing Bodies and helping to develop the sport of surfing in their respective countries, specifically:

1) Event Management, Preparation and Logistics Seminar – by Glen Elliott

2) The Role of the Media for Events and Marketing – by Tim Hain

3) The Roles of the ISA, ASP and the ASC – by Summer Nelson, Glen Elliott, and Tim Hain

4) National Governing Body Development and Structure – Summer Nelson

5) Event Development and Structure – Glen Elliott

Glen Elliott ISA Head Judge and Advisor.

At the end of the day, instructor Glen Elliott was very optimistic, saying “I’m really happy to see the level of enthusiasm and commitment of these attendees from all over Asia.  It shows that the sport of surfing is in good hands here in Asia, and that the future looks very promising. With the support of the ISA and local governments I believe that surfing has the potential to be an amazing eco-tourism tourist opportunity in developing smaller villages and communities throughout Asia, tapping into the unlimited resource that is this wave rich region of South East Asia.”

The Asian Surfing Development Symposium is made possible through the generous sponsorship of the ISA, Quiksilver SEA, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia, Boardriders Café, Billabong Indonesia, Rip Curl SEA, and the Grandmas Hotel, whose assistance in supporting this important event is much appreciated.

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