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The Indian Open of Surfing is Karnataka’s first ever surfing festival to happen on May 27th-29th, during the pre-monsoon swell. The festival will be presented by Karnataka Tourism, Government of Karnataka and will be located at Sasithithlu Beach, Karnataka. The event will include 3 days of National Surfing, Stand Up Paddling and Body Boarding competitions attracting surfers from all over India. The idea behind the event is to promote and showcase beaches of Karnataka as popular surfing & adventure destinations.

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The event is recognised by International Surfing Association and Surfing Federation of India. Organised by Mantra Surf Club, Kanara Surfing & Water Sports Promotion Council.

Under National Surfing Championships, there will be a number of categories: Groms: Under 16, Juniors: 17-22, Seniors: 22-28, Masters: 28 & above, and Women’s Category. There will be a Open Men’s category as well for international surfers.

Judges and officials from Indonesia, Australia and U.S.A will overlook and officiate all of the technical aspects of the event.

Cash prizes for all the winning participants will total Rs 6,00,000.

Other attractions at the surf festival will include a coastal food festival and cultural programs.

The main objectives of this surfing festival are to promote beach tourism, adventure sports, and to show an example of a sustainable revenue for local communities, tourism department and other stakeholders.

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